Voyager's Terrifying New Discovery SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

The Voyager 2 spacecraft is one of the testaments to human ingenuity! More than four
decades after launch, the spacecraft continues to function, even in the harshest
imaginable condition of deep space! Despite being billions of miles away, the tenacious
spacecraft continues to send back amazing and even terrifying discoveries to the
mission controllers on earth! One of the discoveries was a huge wall of fire when
Voyager 2 crossed the boundary of our solar system! What happens at this boundary,
and how do the events at this boundary affect us on the earth? Join us as we dive into
Voyager 2’s discovery of a wall of fire at the edge of our solar system

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  1. So, the power source was a nuclear rock inside a pelzer can. I remember PC shops back in the day sold pelzer units with fans for cpu coolers for overclockers in the Pentium I and II Celeron days. I never got one because when I saw them running on desks for display in the local PC shop they were always sitting in a small puddle of condensation hehe.

  2. It's amazing this can still be running and communicating with Earth.I wonder when and where it gets captured for the first "Star Trek" movie.

  3. Hows about another probe being launched to relay commands and info to & from a voyager probe?

  4. So let me get this straight – Voyager 2 can send a message from the planet Uranus back to Earth in around 2.5hrs and yet I can’t get a mobile phone signal in my own home to make a call/send or receive txt messages from people a few houses down from me…🤦‍♂️😂

  5. Every time I here more about how voyager is still Going I smile ear to ear like a child. It’s such an incredible feet of engineering. . And continues to be to this day so many decades later. Just incredible

  6. Actually Quran talked about wall of fire 1400years ago…
    There is only one true religion and that's Islam.

  7. I remember taking an astronomy class in the late 80’s and the teacher talking about this “grand tour” of the solar system. If I remember correctly, he mentioned that the planetary alignment that allowed this to happen hadn’t been that way for hundreds or even thousands of years. Talk about chance and circumstance colliding.

  8. American, corporate engineering built to last….IN A PIG'S EYE!!!!🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷‼️‼️

  9. How can we possible still be in touch with these satellites if they are billions of miles away? How is it possible. I can’t get a good radio signal or phone signal so how is it possible, did we have better technology 40 yrs ago. Is it true we do not have the technology to return to the moon because apparently it was lost? Very strange…..

  10. Wow imagine getting an delivery from Earth 🌎 😳. Delivery date from 1977 AD to 10,000 AD to the nearest star system 🌟 .

  11. why voyager equipment did last so long is the same reason than my mixer from the 60' still works.

  12. Absolutely amazing. I'm curious as to why we haven't sent more advanced probes though. Surely our technology now could send some more advanced ones to reaffirm voyager 1 and 2's discoveries.

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