SpaceX Starship Booster Static Fire Campaign, Falcon 9 Breaks Record, FAA Updates, Astra Setback,

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The SpaceX Starship Booster Static Fire Campaign kicking off this coming week. More on that plus so many great updates since then. Yep… lots to talk about here. Sadly, Astra experienced more setbacks with another launch issue. The results from the FAA’s environmental assessment are finally in and yes there is a reason I am grinning from ear to ear. Falcon 9 Breaks Record with Starlink, an update on the grounded Cargo Dragon. We have good news there. And it turns out the next generation of mobile launch platform for the SLS will cost more than expected. A lot more.

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Federation of Astronomical Societies – The Challenge of Megaconstellations Webinar

Executive Summary of the Final PEA

Mitigated FONSI/ROD

Final PEA for SpaceX Starship Super Heavy at Boca Chica

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  2. I'm going to say both SLS and Starship fly in the same week early August. Forget about cost of the new SLS launch tower, what about the cost of the one they have that's only going to be used 2 or 3times????

  3. The booster is now dark enough to be mistaken for an election. Whoever wrote that was absolutely based.👌🦅🇺🇲

  4. Hey Marcus, always watch and enjoy your videos :). As for the spider jig placed inside the OLM, Zack Golden on twitter has a great explanation for it on YouTube. General idea is that the cables are free hanging and of the same length (so they create level contours) and the hold down clamps are calibrated to generate a level surface for the booster to sit on. The jig was seen sporting a data cable which was most likely used to tell SpaceX when a certain clamp being worked on had come in contact with its corresponding cable to signal that it was level.

  5. 1.5 billion dollars for a glorified giant crawler crane? Seriously, the entire SLS debacle is way out of control; the blowouts in cost and timeframes are way past what is acceptable.

  6. it looks like any one who works with NASA does not like any thing with a "million" on it, go to be a 'b'

  7. Hello .. another great episode! Question .. has anyone been talking about the possibility of the top of the new mega bay being a glass covered observation deck to view launches from Starbase? That's what I think it will be .. what do you think? Thanks!

  8. Any government contract with a cost overrun that exceeds 10% of bid should give the government authority to immediately cancel the contract, with the contractor obligated for shut down mitigation.

  9. In other news: SpaceX acquires NASA and ends the congress wailing over "taxpayers" costs (as if THEY paid a dime).

  10. That was a VERY long time for an environmental assessment. Especially given that it's a short drive from the scrapyard that's used to cut up the "greenest of green" technology: retired Navy warships.

  11. Bill Nelson is part of the problem. He is an old school political guy who has a lot of friends in the military industrial complex who have been eating at the trough of taxpayer dollars without regulation for so long, they don't know how to stop. All with no real accountability. NASA should be suing the supplier, and eliminating any supplier who does this from the approved list.

  12. That shot of the SpaceX tower section with SLS in the background, it's like they're racing each other to launch 😂

  13. 39a is the most historic launch pad in the world. I would go out of my way to protect 39a

  14. Elon just continues to rewrite anything dealing with space! Simply astounding and something to be proud of!