SpaceX fires five employees for letter critical of Elon Musk

Entrepreneur Elon Musk’s private company SpaceX has dismissed at least five employees over the curation and circulation of a letter denouncing the CEO and requesting more inclusivity within the workplace.

In the open letter to executives, the employees called Mr Musk a “distraction and embarrassment” to the company.

Elon Musk has recently featured in headlines and nighttime monologues over his quest to purchase Twitter as well as facing an allegation of sexual harassment, which he has denied.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell confirmed the employee terminations over email, saying the staff members made others feel “uncomfortable, intimidated and bullied” because the letter “did not reflect their views”.


  1. It's not hypocrisy or canceling them.

    It's called being fired or terminated… It happens frequently in business… If you can't get along with coworkers, you should probably look for another job as you will not be happy there…

    He created good paying jobs for those clowns and they want to bad mouth him for it? 🤡👈😂🤣😂🤣🖕
    I've been fired for less… Get over it and go work for "woke and going broke" companies like disney, apple, alphabet, or any one of these major tech companies who went woke and now are having significant layoffs! 🤣 🤣 Is that canceling too 🤣

  2. every employer gets rid of trouble making employees when necessary. well done elon keep going at it.

  3. Ahh is the left finally getting a taste of their own medicine?

    Its about fucking time they start experiencing cancel culture from the other end! Hope noone hires them for a while. Give them a good taste of it!

  4. That's funny, employees trying to fire the employer 🤣🤣
    If that's not entitlement, I don't know what is…

    Lame butthurt woke culture is starting to be targeted for employment termination and I absolutely LOVE it!!

    Great job SpaceX and Kraken!
    More companies should follow the example!

  5. Expect more attacks on Musk now he has decided to become a republican!!
    So typical of the media.

  6. Free speak my ass Musk is just a another spoilt rich ass-hole surrounded by yes men

  7. Good… If they don't like how the CEO conducts himself they can seek employment elsewhere he is not obligated to put up with their 'feelings'

  8. Woke trash deserve to be left unemployed for all their life, also woke trash have no place on a company that is trying to push humanity forward, they are cancer & Elon Musk is the cure! 😀

  9. Elon Musk – "We must uphold freedom of speech"
    Also Elon Musk – "I am going to fire my employees because they exercised their freedom of speech"

  10. But why are these (ex)-workers attacking this African man about diversity? ……..oh……wait……….or do they seriously think the melanin in someone's skin determines their experience or character????? Sooooooo not big fans of the great DR MARTIN LUTHER KING because they reject colour blindness and use racial identity and breath life into the monster it proclaims to hate 👏👏

  11. Millennials and Gen Z are the worst. They are ruining the large medical insurance company where I work.

  12. Good very good keep up with the woke bullshit and find your self scrambling for employment.They wanted to cancel the hand that fed them now that hand gave them a spanking and sent them on thier way.

  13. Will this inspire any Murdoch media staff to send an open letter to their executives calling Rupert and Lachlan distractions and embarrassments ?

  14. I bet they weren’t Boomers. It’s relatively a new thing that employees think they can publicly trash the boss without any consequences.

  15. This reminds me of George Conway who is married to Kellyann Conway who worked for President Trump. George publicly badmouthed Trump as often as he could. Some would say he had a right as a private citizen, but I thought his actions were very disrespectful to his wife and to her employer.

  16. He's the boss. No ifs, ands or buts. The sense of entitlement will always bring the woke down.

  17. excellent decision Elon ,:inclusivity: WHAT AHEAD OF MERIT ,PO .THATS if i 60 plus ,want to work in mcdonalds as a checkout chick ,all i need to do is paint my split personality hair do ,ie one side shaved ,the other long.THEY MUST GIVE ME THAT JOB ????????????????DONT BE RIDICULOUS WOKE ,YOU GOT TO BE BETTER THAN THE REST NOT JUST BE A WEIDO TO WORK.

  18. We need to see much more of this. Woke employees are destroying companies and serve no productive purpose whatsoever. The left constantly screams about accountability. It is time to start holding them responsible for the damage they cause around the world. Australia, Canada, most of Europe, and the United States are in various stages of implosion- all heading in the same direction. It is time for good people to stand up to the evil of leftists before it really is too late.

  19. Look at all the lefties standing up for the sacked tards.
    Life is simple, if you don't like the company or the boss, quit.
    I dislike musk, but if you feel embarrassed working for him, and stay there, you are the problem.

  20. Lmfao, good fire them all if they don't like their work place… people used to quit or leave jobs they didn't agree with… this ultra-woke movement is just ridiculous, good for you. fuq'm….. fuqn azzclowns