Replay: record-breaking 13th launch for SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX is due to launch another 53 Starlink broadband internet satellites using a Falcon 9 first stage rocket that is flying for a …


  1. Elon said when his space program started that they'll have humans" back" on the moon by 2023,lol

  2. Wow. Just saying. I think I'd do a little more testing before sending men into a lunar trajectory 😢. This shortage of hardware is putting too much pressure and urgency on getting on with it. I just do not trust SLS. They appear to me to be begging for disaster.

    WoooooooW WOOW WoW !!!
    Ohhh its ok!! …….
    I Thought something Was wrong.

  4. I have a quick question is there a timer on the second rocket of the current launch going live right now? If so what are the difference on the timings if you have a timer on you that you synchronize or that had been started at the same time during the lunch. Reason why I'm asking is because I'd like to see how the differences of time is Compared to the fast moving rocket. i need to go back to see what happened and who .

  5. Lol record. Like it's so freaking easy to beat. Who cares about this record? Bunch of money going up

  6. Did it really go around the world in less than 11 minutes?

    It has a blue line and a white line that looks like it did at one hour and 23 minutes on the video