Spacex Faces Hurdle To Build Launch Tower In Florida Beacuse Of Nasa!

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  1. I think Elon will be sorry he wants to launch from 39A. Nasa and SpaceX have to many differences in the way they want to get to space. Musk knows there will be problems. Nasa thinks there should never be any. Musk wants to launch rockets! Nasa just wants to please its Masters in Washington DC. The best answer is to build up the sea launch platforms and get them to work and tell NASA to go play everything safe.

  2. Fix the glaring spelling error in your video title bud. Looks like something from the fourth world.

  3. Why did he put himself at the mercy of the decisions of FAA and NASA?? I thought he was smart…

  4. Like I sed before,start looking for another launching country,out of the influence of the F F A,

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