The FAA Just Approved SpaceX's Future Operations In Boca Chica

Many of us have been keeping track of SpaceX and specifically the work going on in Boca Chica and on Starship. Here the company is closer than ever to the first orbital test flight of the next-generation launch vehicle. However, besides the current progress on Starship, one aspect that could have held the project back was finally announced.

After what seems like an extremely long time, the wait is finally over. Just yesterday on June 13th, the FAA approved SpaceX’s Super Heavy and Starship operations in Boca Chica. With the exception of a few important notices and rules the company has to follow, they are one step closer to reaching orbit with Starship. This marks a massive milestone as it secures Boca Chica as a launch and production site for SpaceX.

Over the past few months, we had to wait as the FAA continued to delay the final PEA. Fortunately, after more than half a year, it has been released and SpaceX can move on to the next challenge. Here I will go more in-depth into what the approval means, the exceptions and rules SpaceX is required to follow, and the company’s reactions and plans in the near future.

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