Boeing Open the Door for SpaceX to Take Over Everything!

A look at the monumental problems with Boeing’s spacecraft and commercial aviation.

With deaths, catastrophic injuries and quality problems, what has caused their decline over the past 20 years?

Will they be able to get Starliner or the Space Launch System flying regularly?

What do the delays to SLS and Starliner mean for the company and will SpaceX overtake them as a goto company for delivering NASA payloads to space?

We were honestly floored when we dug deeper into the delays to Starliner and SLS. So this also brings you some of the reasons why this might be, from reporting in The Seattle Times, The Everett Herald, CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, Yahoo Finance and the Netflix documentary, Downfall: The Case Against Boeing.

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  1. Just a little tech comment… Could you possibly put a couple of diffusers on your studio lighting? Seriously, the shadow of your glasses in your face makes it look like you are wearing a second set of smaller glasses. Easy fix for what I experianced to be a major distraction. Thx

  2. Boeing moved it's headquarters to Chicago, which is 300 miles away from St Louis (where McDonnell Douglas was headquartered). Otherwise, this was a good video. Good catch on the B-2 correction.

  3. The ships both Boeing and SpaceX built are hideously complicated machines, with esch component at the very (cliched) edge of the technical envelope. Corporate cultures in both evidently tell the story. SpaceX brings with it enthusiasm and sheer chutzpah reminiscent of the '60's. Boeing's ware should invest in new livery that paints big green question marks over vehicular hulls. I want to question Chris Fergeson under out to find out what REALLY was going on. 'Cuz boyo did NOT bail out of commanding the First Flight of a crewed spacecraft, right up there with John Young, so he could attend his daughter's wedding. That day could easily move to any other days of the year. The subsequent silence, bought with money, sells the tale. Good vid, too! Add one more subscription. Call Scott Manley, and Ami Shira Tietal.

  4. Dude these are the B-17 people. I refuse to accept they can be killed. If anything this historic company getting a craft into orbit leaves a lot of catching up for spaceX to do. Which i'm sure they are capable of. But it will take a few generations 🙂 I'm not some old man boomer i promise.

  5. This is when all companies go to crap, you cut the number of people to the bare minimum to operate and all you get is less minds, unless ideas, less eyes I'm the product, and less quality. This is the fate of every company that allows accountants to make the decisions.

  6. So my answer to your your question is not no, but hell no, I wouldn't take a ride into space on a Boeing space craft, and to think I almost went to work for them, and luckily they didn’t hire me.

    So I was pissed at the time, but looking back I realize now that I had dodged a major bullet and I realized that long before their latest crashes with their 737 Max.

    So I don't know what's going on at Boeing or what's causing it to become such a poor performing Aircraft manufacturer, but one thing is for sure, their executives the people who signed off on that plane, those people should have been charged with a crime, and so should the head of the FAA and the person who oversaw the airworthiness of that plane should also be fired and face criminal charges for failing to follow proper procedures and regulations because if they had done their jobs correctly, there’s no way Boeing would’ve put that plane into service.😤

  7. Boeiing..has loss a lot…went I for them…not thing any sence. ..went it fixing or money..very sad…just.real feel back. ..they .made me.destory . 1.5 mitary..hardware…for no realson…and.gire my surerver .too..that was .the way is.was… control by military corp…..

  8. hahaha no way no Boeing!! Safety is paramount, First and Foremost! it would not be too hard for spacex to build a further 2 or more dragons to backup ALL the needed flights!

  9. Boeing is the old model of no bid government contracts, they have to maximize short term profits for investors, everything is done by committee, can't take chances, bean counters and lawyers making engineering decisions like on the 737 debacle.

  10. If it's BOING I ain't going!! This saga clearly demonstrates the supremacy of having engineers in charge of technology companies, rather than accountants!

  11. I do not believe that Boeing will fly crew this year, the Starliner also has a good chance of being Boeing's lasp crewed spacecraft for a generation, the losses have just been staggering and puts the company in a very bad financial position.
    Nevermind the losses from the aviation sector… 😮

  12. They will probable kill astronaut's with their contraption then give stop making space craft.

  13. they have no interest in space flight it's JUST THE MONEY. I would tell them to fu%k off.

  14. Great video.Unfortunately I find it hard to support Boeing now considering their hugely detrimental culture change which seems to be putting money over safety.Now they are paying the financial conseqences of this error and without a total root and branch change in the ethos of the company, I don't see a bright future for them.

  15. Let's put it in simple terms, the problem is accountancy and Accountants who think they know better.

  16. As a pensioner I value what’s left of my life to fly on a Boeing plane let alone a spaceship. It has become a game of Russian roulette with Boeing in both aviation and space flight.

  17. 7:05 – Recent court documents show that Southwest has a big role in "encouraging" Boeing to effectively hide MCAS.

  18. 0:40 – Well, Capt. Sunita Williams did look less than full of confidence watching the second uncrewed test attempt launch…

  19. The VERY worst thing about MCAS is that the airplane designers knew that a faulty angle-of-attack (AOA) sensor would confuse MCAS – to they installed THREE AOA sensors – but the software team only ever used on of them. So instead of saying "One of our AOA sensors disagrees with the other two" – they just ignored the other two and believed whatever nonsense that one particular sensor produced. That is HORRIFIC.

  20. Wow dude all i can think of is them shadows u cast lol gotta do something with the lighting my man

  21. The story of Boeing shows how competition in a capitalistic economy is supposed to work. The leaner, smarter company with the fresh vision beating the old dinosaur. So often, with mega-mergers and lack of competition, I see capitalsm failing. Some small company with lots of enthusiasm and a great vision is bought out by some giant who just wants a cash cow and cares nothing for the vision and, sooner or later, runs the product into the ground. I've seen that over and over again.

  22. Don't pretend to be a legitimate channel when you can't even properly speak the language you post your titles and thumbnails in.
    Blocking this bogus, useless channel from my feed.

  23. Boeing started going downhill as soon as the accountants took over. Their only interest is to maximise their personal income.

  24. It started long ago. In the late 90’s, I was working for Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems. I was to transfer to the F-22 program. But, delays on delays. Which caused massive cost overruns. The F-22 was not “the Lockheed F-22”. It was “Lockheed Boeing F-22”. Equal share of production. DOD pick the F-22 over the F-23 prototypes. F-23 was Northrop McDonell Douglas.
    Examples of delays.
    1) Wings. First six sets were miss drilled. (Boeing part)
    2) Engine nacelles not strong enough for engines. (Boeing part)
    3) Pilot environmental systems. (Boeing part)
    4) Avionics system and software. (Boeing part)
    Etc. etc.
    Oh, let’s not forget, Boeing pissed off the USAF. Money given to them for F-22 engineering, found it’s way into the 777 program.
    Cost me my job.

    Why I knew Lockheed was going to get the F-35.

  25. I would jump in a Spacex Dragon in a heartbeat but I would never set foot inside a Starliner.