FINALLY A CLEAR view of FALCON 9 LANDING | SpaceX #shorts

70th recovery of a Falcon 9! After the feed was cut during the previous first stage landings, this one was a delight to watch.

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Scott Buckley – Catalyst

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  1. For decades we've only seen this in movies / comics.
    Finally reality has caught up 👍

  2. Amazing! You can seating over there and watch having a picnick and no one particle of dust disturbing you. Brilliant!

  3. In the 60’s I remember thinking about how a booster could return to its launch site. It just seemed impossible, not so much due to computing power but fuel weight. The fuel needed to reverse course and make a near zero speed landing would seem to not allow an energy budget for a meaningful payload.

    So many sciences had to be reinvented it starts to look like sorcery was also reinvented.

  4. First time I saw these boosters land like this I was Amazed and I still am every time I see it now😁

  5. Wow so amazing to see this’ spaceX is doing this on a regular basis now’ and saving a lot of money, and is about to do it with its starship with a big massive payload on a bigger scale.

  6. Imagine believing in this cgi bullshit if its real why did allah not invent it before?? Huh? Explain that sheeps wake up !!

  7. Super smooth and amazingly impressive to watch. Definitely didn’t expect so much finesse tbh. Absolutely incredible!

  8. Nobody thinks that the amount of fuel needed to land is equal to lift off. So NO!….its crap dont believe this BS

  9. Thank you Elon and his team. A small step for you guys but a huge step for mankind. This is an inspiration for next generations.

  10. Почему бы выносные стабилизаторы не приделать сверху. Я не знаю как называется. Просто в голову пришло. Получится что то вроде падающего дротика. Но так наверняка не будет завала на бок.

  11. For those who don't know the videos are blurred because the landing is usually at a SpaceX ship on sea.
    The transmitters used to communicate to a satellite , so it can reach you live, is also on the landing ship.

    The landing makes the ship wobble and signal quality deteriorates until the booster is at rest.

    When on landing the transmitters are free from this wobble and the landing footage is clear.

    So there's no need of conspiracy theories.

  12. I so want to work for SpaceX.. as a lighting tect I do have an ingenuity of mind. And who better to work for than the greatest company that takes man and women to space successfully and bring them home successfully…