SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch Next Month!? Triple Falcon 9 Flights in 3 Days, Astra Launch Failure

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The biggest event last week was undoubtedly the announcement from the FAA, who have reached the conclusion that a Starship Superheavy launch represents no significant impact on the environment, so SpaceX can now apply for a launch license in due course! SpaceX also smashed several of their Falcon 9 records, with the first 13th landing of a booster, 50th consecutive booster landing, and 100th reuse of a Falcon 9 first stage! Unfortunately, Astra suffered from their 5th launch failure of Rocket 3, and with mounting competition from Rocket Lab, Virgin Orbit, and Firefly Aerospace, do they have what it takes to compete? All this, and more, in today’s episode of Space This Week!

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Starship, Starbase, and all other rocket Photographers:
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All the 3D Animations and Renders were by the amazing:
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  1. Honestly, Matt, whenever we see a cylindrical structure of unknown purpose, it's instantly a water tower. Why can't we speculate more imaginatively? I say Starhopper 2.0

  2. The Chicken McNugget base unit of mass is far superior than the kilogram. Thank you for not forgetting about your American viewers! 12:20

  3. It's always nice to get these nice in-depth information not just about SpaceX but all their competitors and other governments flight program, keep up the amazing work dude. Can't wait for next weeks video.

  4. I was seeing a lot of "it finally happened" lately, but I decided to wait for this video.

  5. Fun fact. BAE systems the Uk based company have recently acquired a satellite building company and the Uk armed forces paired with BAE aim to make the first steps in building a home grown space program in the UK

  6. Even if the content wasn't as good as it is (and it's fantastic, by the way), you're getting a like just for breaking down the weight of a satellite for us to understand. Thank you, from your American friends.

  7. 6:06 “It is time for me to add the content. Basically, this is the content. Coming right up. In just a moment. Let me tell you, it’s going to be good. Really good. So good, I can barely even describe in English how good it’s going to be. The only language that truly includes the lexicon necessary to convey how amazing this content is, is the language of Lowneish, a language I had to invent from the ground up for the specific purpose of explaining how great this content is. In Lowneish, the content is ‘ka:sjdbn’, that’s right, that’s how good it is. And you’re about to see it. Ready, here it comes”

  8. Its always good to watch some weekly space news right before you go to your finals, keep up the good work Matt!

  9. How long do you think it will take us to get to Single stage interplanetary craft, even if not possible with currently known knowledge and materials?

  10. This particular British Ascent is soo..bombastically annoying but at least he owns it. Total Game show host voice.