SpaceX June 19, 2022 Mystery Object Preceding Globalstar FM15 Stage 2

Five minutes prior to a bright SpaceX Stage 2 burn over my location an object appeared to pass over in the same inclination and orbit as Stage 2. It even left a faint luminous trail as it passed which was then followed by the brighter gas clouds. Not sure what this object was or if it was even related to the SpaceX satellite.


  1. There are rumors the falcon 9 was carrying a top secret US gov't black project. They were only carrying a single Globalstar sat which F9 is a bit overkill for, yet they bothered to do a droneship landing for the first stage, which is only necessary for heavier payloads. Plus they didn't show the view inside the fairing or the sat until they got to the final orbit so clearly they were hiding something. They must have deplyed the secret payload first, which I think you caught on its way to its final orbit under its own power while F9 changed orbits to deliver globalsat.

  2. Toronto Canada June 19th 3 am 2022 I saw 3 objects . The last one had a pulsing halo like glow of gas as you show. My first sighting looking for confirmation so Thank You

  3. Our cam captured a meteor slightly right of SpaceX at 1:09. Trying to find what you spotted on either of our cams but no luck so far.