China’s New Rockets Are About To Take Over The Space Industry!

China’s New Rockets Are About To Take Over The Space Industry! The Chinese rocket industry is thriving right now and it’s a hard concept for the western world, where NASA once reigned supreme.

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1:27 A brief history of Chinese rocketry
3:55 The long march


  1. There’s also private companies like Galactic Energy and the super secret stuff like Tengyun TSTO project

  2. Yes! The Chinese are building rockets like they build aircraft carriers!

    And to be succinct, China is not competing against America for space. China is competing against 2 American businessmen who are competing against each other for space. And China is far, far behind.

  3. How does China have money for the space program without paying reparations for COVID deaths and lost productions in "other" countries?

  4. China's new rockets are way behind with the US has. Just compare them to what SpaceX is you doing landing rockets on a drone ship and you'll know how far behind the Chinese are even despite their stealing whatever technology they have. China is a nation of psychotic lying thieves who should be given no respect and crushed whenever possible. Soon as their economic system collapses they will have no money.

  5. Imagine if the ming dynasty official succeed on his journey to the moon. He will built a house in the moon. I think the west got the idea of sending rocket to the moon from the Qing dynasty era where foreigners was allowed to visit different Chinese Library.

  6. China can build any kind of re usable rocket they need – All they need us one to COPY

  7. The Chinese that they got it from good ole-USA by American traitors that give-em our technology. I trust going with Chinese spacecraft to space if my life depended on it. Like their counterfeit merchandise, it can the spacecraft can suffer all sorts of technical malfanutions.

  8. Making such a glowing video of China's space capabilities without making the FACTUAL statement that pretty much all of their tech is stolen IP is brutal. What a shit video and channel.

  9. Now be fair and create a video about how NASA’s history and how it went above and beyond helping the US and the world for us to see the wonders of the universe

  10. As long as a country or a company disposes its rocket after take-offs, they’re still in the previous generation rocketry and totally obsolete. China is doomed in the rocket business as well.

  11. Although i am generally team space and i think Chinese rockets are pretty cool china is still nowhere near the level of nasa or private industry. To date all chinese rockets 100% destroyed after a mission, nothing is reused and they haven’t actually shown any form of re usability aside from some paper rockets. Its a far cry from reusable systems like what spacex and blue orgin have to offer or even the space shuttle. Hopefully they make more progress but it will be a long time before they have any dominance in the space industry

  12. Notice how whenever we talk about space junk we always hear about the massive debris cloud from the Chinese test instead of the one the USA, India or the multiple ones Russia has done?

    That’s because those countries each picked a dead satellite that was just about to re-enter earths atmosphere in around a week.
    China picked one that wasn’t going to burn up for multiple decades.

    When China stops pulling dangerous stunts like that and letting their boosters fall on villages then maybe we can talk about them leading aerospace.

  13. Nice story to catch us up about what they've done, but what about their plans for the moon? I thought they published a plan for a moon base in 2017.