SpaceX Unveils New Starlink Deployer for First Orbital Starship Flight

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SpaceX is now completely focused on getting Starship to orbit. In this video, I look at the new Starlink deployment system on Starship SN24. I can’t wait to see this thing in action!

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EverydayAstronaut –
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Spacex 3D Creation Eccentric –

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  1. Hey all – Ewan here! As the creator of this channel, I have never actually put my own voice to any of the 50+ videos I've uploaded. My narrator Beau does a great job, but I wanted to try making a different style of video on the recent Starship developments, so here it goes! Don't worry, I'll still have a normal video this month, this is just something extra 😉

  2. Since Ship 24 is only going sub-orbital, not only will it not achieve stable orbit, nothing that is ejected from the pez dispensor will achieve orbit either. meaning, Elon can put a bunch of mass simulating boiler-plate versions of Starlinks in the bay and they could burn up too, and there's no risk of having a bunch of dummy sats taking up parking space they arn't making use of. This way he can get this matter out of the way early.

  3. It's not "new", we've known it for a few months now. Where have you been living, under a rock?

  4. Rocket engines are just stupid stuff of the past.

    No need to accelerate any mass faster if not lost for endless drive of space ship.

    Epxcuse me but you all talk talk talk about other stuff if realistic makeable endless drive for flight on earh or in space near speed of light described.

    Two Hg ring accelerators in opposite directions shooting out in same direction on opposites into tubes with water for linear slow down not loosing any Hg with energy from fusion or Li-7 Th HTR with CO2 turbine cycle.
    With 1g+ earth acceleration upwards it can stand in air or go slowy up into outer space after less 1 year near speed c.

    Linear slow down of Hg beams accelerated in rings for space ship acceleration also possible with electro magnets causing induction electicity for e-magnets any reactor energy added like for NASA Li-7 moderated and cooled thorium breeder HTR in combination with thermal isolatable CO2 compressor backflow cooled turbine cycle that way no heat to radiate.pp

  5. Ha! "but with everything Musk related, expect some delay". I really don't mean to have a go, it's a fair sentiment based on his own words. At the same time it shows people have become a bit "spoiled" (ie, how many YT channels exist (& thrive) solely on the pace of ideas, progress, vitality, etc., over @ NASA)?

  6. Wow, more renderings based on Musk fever dreams.
    Those never get old.

  7. 3:20 Yes, Starlinks have gotten bigger. They'll have 10x the capacity, if I recall correctly. This may mean they need less sats overall instead of the proposed 40,000. Time will tell.