SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches SARah-1 Satellite

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Falcon 9 is launching the SARah-1 mission, Germany’s military radar Earth observation satellite. Liftoff is scheduled for 10:19 AM EDT (14:19 UTC) from SLC-4E, Vandenberg SFB, California. First stage 1071-3 landing at LZ-4. SARah-1 is expected to use a 750 km circular x 98.4 deg orbit.

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  1. Has this flown over NZ? We all saw a really weird spiral light in the saw before all over our region and it sounds like it went along the length of NZ so wondering if that’s what Space X looks like

  2. "BOOM 💥BOOM 💥 SHIT!" 🤣
    "Sonic boom town!" Great stream NSF! Elysia Segal is a bad ass! ✌️❤️ 🚀

  3. Wow, no video problems on either camera during landing…Beautiful. Go SPACEX !!! Just viewing these videos promotes Elons cause by tweaking the social algorithm so count me in. Remember John Milton "They also serve who only stand and wait". I'm too old to be an astronaut and not smart enough to be a rocket surgeon or rich enough to be a fiflanthropust. Who am I kidding? If it cost a quarter to go arounf the world I couldn't make it out of sight. But I still support Spacex.

    I hope to live long enough to see those FOOTPRINTS on Mars. I remember a midsummer night in 1969 when Mom had us up all night with plenty of sugar reinforcement so we'd be wide awake when Niel and Buzz took their stroll.

    And I consider it a small matter of pardonable pride that those footprints will be AMERICAN just like all the other footprints off earth are.

    It's been a rough few years with the pandemic and almost loosing our democracy and at any moment Putin might just decide to knock over the board and end it all. But if Elon gets those footprints on Mars then we still have a chance. It would be hard to top Churchills' finest hour but this would equal it. I realize I ramble a bit too much but I live in Oregon and the pot here is really, really good. Finest kind. Apologies to all and to all a good night.

  4. Congratulations to #SpaceX for another successful launch. Today's booster is, apparently, a "West Coast" booster (3rd time flown), and will likely be reused here again soon. Launch #25 for a Falcon 9 – this year. We're well on the way to being between 50-60 F9 launches by year end! Though the whole things was shrouded in fog, and the NasaSpaceFlight gang didn't get to see a thing, they sure heard the Sonic Boom as the booster came down and one of the commentators let out quite an expletive when she heard it! =)

  5. @IntrepidMuseum will be seeing me and my Dad around the 11th to 15th July! Can't wait! 😉 South African visiting US! Also love all you @nasaspaceflight been watching since water tank day's. 👍

  6. Hi guys at NASA space flight ✈️ that was awesome liked it wen it went boom 💥 great 👍 video guys and girls 👧 David

  7. Sounds like someone at the press site is going to need a change of underwear after that sonic boom!

  8. If only that sonic boom reaction had been on video! I could almost see him ducking through my headphones.

  9. I was very lucky that I didn't have my earphones on…otherwise that sonic boom would boom my eardrums..

  10. In the many hours of NSF content, it's the first time I've heard a swear word haha. Love your work!

  11. Reminds me when I got to "hear" a Thore launch at Vandenburg in July of 1976 when I was there. The cloud deck was heavy. Could barely see across the building parking lot.

    First part of August of 1976, I got to watch a Minuteman III operational test launch down the Pacific Test Range.

  12. I read about these launches a few years ago on the Falcon 9 Wikipedia article.

    Missed it by a few minutes, but I will watch the replay as usually.

    Why would a synthetic aperture radar satellite have a sun synchronous orbit? Does the radar need illumination from the sun?