SpaceX launches German military satellite, lands booster in California

SpaceX launched the German military satellite SARah-1 on June 18, 2022 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. The Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage touched down at Vandenberg about nine minutes after liftoff. Full Story:

Credit: SpaceX


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  2. Yeah …more military crap in space..nice one space X…making the world a safer place I see..anything for $$$$ we know space x is a government/military have put more military crap in space then the ordinary person. ya goofy m8te from Australia

  3. I enjoy SpaceX so much more than NASA now. Something about the amount of flights along with technology they have. Makes it so much more interesting. I now have a renewed interest like I had when Shuttle launched

  4. Great job. Elon's crews gaining plenty of experience instead of just learning from mistakes. Keep going.

  5. Elon should stop doing business in California taxes are too high and environmental regulations up the ass.

  6. Amazing so clever I am a 75 year old Brit have always been fascinated by the space thing I was 22 when the moon landings started but the SpaceX is equally wonderful

  7. Rocket engines for space travel are just stupid stuff of the past.

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  8. Another landing bugs bunny style, I am waiting for the long ladder to come out and the little Martian to come out. This is next level, thank you space x,. You guys rock it.

  9. So they launch starlink yesterday, then today they launch the german satellite. Amazing!

  10. Goes to show how NASA is a cash cow and have lost their way. Elon is the man and NASA can't get a man on the moon anymore. Thats pretty sad. SpaceX is awesome. Great job guys and gals.

  11. One of first cold fusions was already made 1940 shooting deuterium with cyclotron into uranium-238 (d, 2n) reaction to Np ß- to Pu-238 but also possible shooting into water (gel or ice) for D-D or D-H fusion or shooting of Hg into water (D2O) for Hg D-D punsh fusion and Hg n-spallation from collision with O etc. for Hg-197 epsilon decay gold.

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  12. I never get tired of watching these landings. When I was a kid watching space movies they would always land exactly how space x does it. Can’t believe it took Elon to do it and not nasa.

  13. It's kinda scary how good they got it down now. I wonder if that's gonna take away from any future aspiring rocket scientists bc nobody can come close to this

  14. Are we sure we want to launch military equipement for other country ? 😅 it could become ironic pretty quick 🤣

  15. This never gets tiring. I rarely missed a Shuttle mission in the 80s as a teen. These, SpaceX, is next level.