SpaceX making great progress at the Cape "1st tower segment move to pad 39A Florida". Elon reacts

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SpaceX making great progress at the Cape “1st tower segment move to pad 39A Florida”. Elon reacts

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Less than 3 days after revealing the launch schedule of the first and second Starship, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk continues to expose construction progress at the launch sites, heading to landmark missions next July!
According to Musk, “SpaceX team is making great progress at the Cape & Starbase!”
What does Musk mean?
Is SpaceX ready for Starship’s first orbital launch in July?
Let’s find out in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

First, let’s start with the Cape!!!
SpaceX is preparing to assemble Starship’s first Florida launch tower!
The first of the Starship Launch and Catch Tower Sections rolled from Roberts Road to NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Complex 39A overnight.
As you can see, it’s now present at the SpaceX Florida launch site!
Huge thanks to Greg Scott for capturing these amazing images!
Also in the series of pictures that Scott shared recently, we spotted that SpaceX has begun staging and assembling parts of a giant crane that will need to stack Starship’s first East Coast launch tower and install other major launch pad components.
According to many sources, this crane is most likely a Liebherr LR 11350, the same kind of crane the company used to assemble Starship’s first orbital launch site and tower in South Texas.
At Starbase, assembly of that crane began around April 2021 and took a month and a half, at which point it was finally ready to lift an extended boom long enough to assemble a tower almost 150 meters tall.
I deduced it is likely that Space will finish the installation of the enormous crane around the mid of July, then, Starship’s second launch tower will begin assembled!!!
Pad 39A’s Starship launch tower is expected to be very similar to Starbase’s, although it will undoubtedly carry over numerous design changes thanks to lessons learned while building and outfitting the first tower.
We deep-analyzed this out in the previous videos. Please click on the video link we have put in the description below if you want to learn more!
Up to now, SpaceX has already assembled six of the nine individual sections that will eventually be stacked to form that tower, and one more is starting installation.
SpaceX making great progress at the Cape “1st tower segment move to pad 39A Florida”. Elon reacts
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  1. THe capabilities that SpaceX is generating are what Industrial Space flight is beginning to look like. Nasa is hardly prepared to deal with it, making their previous accomplishments seem like cool science fair projects.

  2. Well now ExSenator Bill stupid Nelson wants to halt all this work and move it to a different site. Because they feel it’s too close to pad 39A. Why didn’t he mention it at the beginning when they were drawing up these proposals.

  3. STARSHIP TOWER CONSTRUCTION: 2 months flat. And Tens of millions of dollars

    I think were seeing the end of TAX DOLLAR GOBBLING NASA COMPANIES!

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