Why Does Boeing's Starliner Not Look Burned After Reentry

A simple question which lead me to talk about heat shielding on many different capsules over the years. Boeing’s spacecraft uses a non-ablative heatshield on the backshell partly because it has lower thermal loads compared to Dragon thanks to a shallower cone angle.
And that’s where I started…..

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  1. who cares??? it's 6 to 0 much more money less roomy.. boeing (why is it pronouced that way?? (in north gernamy oe is pronouced o)) can land on land (in italian to land on water you say water..(ammaraggio against atterraggio)) again, who cares.. boeing can lift the iss,… 90 against 55 (are the numbers still correct??)

  2. I was at the Smithsonian and saw how small those early capsules were. Imagine John Glen all by himself orbiting the earth in that little thing just barely big enough for one person.

  3. So, basically, Starliner can get away with nonablative tiles because it has no ambitions beyond LEO. Since Dragon and Orion are hoping to serve the Lunar Gateway and beyond, they can't afford not to use ablative backshells.

  4. NASA worked with all of the top Nazis they could get their hands on, so a racist South African apartheid guy like Musk makes total sense.

  5. Hey Scott, I have a good question. I would love if you did a video or portion of video on the subject. Why don’t mars rovers have a wiper to clean off the dust off the solar panels

  6. Liberals attacking Musk seems to be the new virtue signal. “When a debate is lost, slander becomes the weapon of the loser” Socrates

  7. only reason is it's wider at the bottom and than sloped more …..boing just copied the Apollo shape because they couldn't figure out something new like spacex could

  8. Great, informative video as usual! Question – – in both OFT-1 and OFT-2, there is black, diagonal scorch mark on one side of Starliner extending the full length of the vehicle. What do you think causes that in just one area?

  9. …..and Starliner only does about 60 mph😂
    .Scott says Space X is coated in Spam….better not land near me, I love Spam…I’ll eat it before they can pick it up.

  10. Have you had a chance to watch series 3 of For all Mankind, 2 eps so far fantastic stuff, be fun to get your view on the engineering.

  11. 1:19 oh my… how I miss the Space Shuttle… it looks so damn cool despite how complicated it was to operate…