SpaceX puts in place the first tower segment for Florida Starship launch pad

A giant crawler crane lifts into place the first tower segment for SpaceX’s Florida Starship pad at launch complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. This is the first segment for a tower that will eventually stand more than 400 feet tall. This time-lapse video, shot on June 21, 2022, compresses 40 minutes of time into two minutes.

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  1. Lessons learned in Boca Chica will be applied here which means it may go up MUCH faster.

  2. Bud Boomer say's "Let's Go Space Trucking"……for reference Zoomers look up Deep Purple…..Peace!

  3. Additional point – you may get more subscribers to the 39A stream if you allowed sub payment via Paypal. Some don't like using a credit card.

  4. First section in place…let it rise! Exciting times at both Boca Chica and KSC for SpaceX!!! Thank yhou!

  5. As a subscriber to the 39A live stream, would it be possible to host the stream on YouTube instead of Vimeo please? I ask this because Vimeo won't allow 'scanning' through a live stream (going backwards and forwards), but YouTube will. Not being able to scan through the live stream is a real pain if, like most people, it's not possible to watch it all live and you want to go back and check something (and you don't want to wait until the next day to see the recording). Thank you.