NASA Could Have Been Ahead of SpaceX #shorts

NASA had access to reusable rocket technology almost 20 years before SpaceX landed its first rocket vertically. But why NASA never went through with the DC-X rocket, is #NotWhatYouThink #NWYT #shorts

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  1. Exactly why we need SpaceX. They know how to deliver what they promised under budget and better than they expected it to be.

  2. Glad to see this program getting attention. I thought Elon and the hype machine had smashed all memories that someone had landed a rocket vertically a couple of decades before SpaceX did…

  3. I mean what does being ahead achieve, if the projects you are planning to do with the technology are a joke.

  4. anyone can all complain about nasa budget issue but holy shit there is seriously something to say about the mishandling and strange distribution of that budget

  5. I'm an old j2/f1 engjne designer from rocketdyne. Delta clipper was going to be future of cheap space-truck operations. Major lack of vision it was killed. NASA was at its peak in the 60s; we could do anything with 5% of GNP. But when tricky Dick killed Apollo everyone, including myself, was fired. Major dissipation of talent, over & over. We could've colonized Mars already!!!

  6. DCX was a demonstrator, a dead end that was only useful as a demo. The real prize would have been for ULA, or Boeing, or Lockheed Martin, or ANYONE contemporary (McDD?) to try to fly & land a useful 1st stage but they were paid cost + so there was never any incentive to save costs. Engineers in ULA have proposed this and been shut down by their myopic leadership. Now they're getting their asses handed to them and that's exactly what they deserve (as they scramble to land engines by parachute on a future model) meanwhile SpaceX's value is spectacular. Here's the real problem with ALL of these companies. If by some miracle they had developed Falcon 9 and they had landed it (they wouldn't have even tried), they'd have kept using Falcon 9 for the next 50 years. SpaceX on the other hand didn't even pause for a breath before developing Starship, and they're not using government funding to do it. It's called a goddamned commercial investment in your own business, ULA should try it some time instead of going cap in hand to Uncle Sam every time they want to paint an out house and getting their senator from Alabama to play favorites and keep them in business.

  7. I remember a story about someone visiting a Nasa facility following major funding cuts. Walking past rows of empty offices. When he got to his meeting he asked how everyone was feeling about the loss of so many colleagues. The answer was, "Fantastic! Nobody is in the way – we've never gotten so much work done!".

  8. once again, Elon musk is a con man. he's not an inventor, he didn't invent vertical landing. he's merely the rich child of people who own a diamond mine and made some lucky investments. and now he's a narcissist on Twitter who constantly does things to please and gain the attention of basement dwellers

  9. I had a little model toy of that vertical plane thing that never took off for years. Now i know what it is.

  10. This is the pattern you see throughout modern America’s government. They prolly gave billions directly to the Chinese just to see how stupid and evil they could be.

    Anyways the venture star was pretty cool and it had an aero spike engine. It should have flown as they finally got aluminum tanks to be lighter than the high tech carbon fiber tanks it was originally intended to use. I think congress cancelled it when it was 90% done. America is falling. Quickly. And it doesn’t have to. It’s weakness of pampered city people and deviation from the Bible.

  11. It's starting to become cheaper to build catch rockets. These are rockets that fall back to earth and are reusable. Like the original one we use to use. SpaceX keeps increasing its cost, and there's a company that made a small rocket and it's cheaper. Yes the capacity is smaller, but cheaper at 3Musd. It's called the Electron rocket. Yes it's small, but it's the cheapest.

  12. But Elon Musk told everyone that he invented reusable rockets by reading how to build rockets 😂 …. It turns out …it’s all nasa’ tech !

  13. Build from off-the-shelf components. Ok will someone pls post those components here so i can duplicate it? 🤔

  14. But beta and actual product matters most of the companies attracts in beta but failed in public launch

  15. It seems that NASA gave Spacex access to this. As well as access to Russian rocket engines. Elon would be another 20 years late without all of that.