SpaceX Starship Ship Mechazilla Tower Landing Catch (V2) (Animation)

SpaceX Starship Ship Mechazilla Tower Landing Catch (V2) (Animation)

Music: Fractal – SergePavkinMusic
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10 months after my last Starship catch with mechazilla animation I decided to redo it. I made a more realistic and probably more accurate version that shows the change in style and quality of my work over time.

I hope you enjoyed it! You are free to use this clip in your video as long as I (the creator) am credited in the video and description.


  1. Make Believe CGI … where the Artist can ignore all the difficulties and physics … and show anything they want …

  2. I think it will only start to slow down falling after the engine relight and bellyflop happened. in your video it seems falling slow while relight and belly flop. (completely my perspective)

  3. According to Elon, the capture will be slower, making the Ship or Booster stay in the air for about 10 seconds.

  4. this will be so sick in real life if it works I am so stoked to so the first tests and see what this giant thing is capable of

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous – so well done!! Thank you!

    Are you able to share the name of the artist/song for the soundtrack? I love it!

  6. It blows me away that they are even attempting this. I never would have envisioned this as being a potential solution to the problem of recovery. When I see it work the first time, I'm sure it's going to blow my mind.

  7. We need some chopsticks on the Moon. That will protect the ferocity of those engines having to descend all the way to the regolith.

  8. imagine an asteroid hits earth next week and the best you ever came close to seeing this beast land is in this Anime