Elon Musk Reaction to SpaceX broke world's new record that NO ONE HAS DONE IT BEFORE…

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Elon Musk Reaction to SpaceX broke world’s new record that NO ONE HAS DONE IT BEFORE…

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX has just pulled off its three Falcon 9 rocket flights in 36 hours!
Obviously, they broke the world record again!!!
The trio of Falcon 9 rockets officially became the fastest sequence of three missions by any commercial launch company in history.
What does this success mean for SpaceX?
And how does Elon Musk react after this success?
Let’s find out in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

SpaceX is highlighting the company’s continuous push towards ever-higher launch cadences in 2022.
In February, shortly after a NASA oversight panelist revealed that SpaceX was targeting 52 launches in 2022, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company’s goal was for “Falcon [to] launch about once a week” throughout the year. In October 2020, continuing a tradition of extremely ambitious SpaceX launch cadence targets, Musk had also tweeted that “a lot of improvements” would need to be made to achieve his goal of 48 launches – an average of four launches per month – in 2021. Ultimately, SpaceX fell well short of that target, but did set a new annual record of 31 launches in one year, breaking its 2020 record of 26 launches by about 20%. However, perhaps even more important than the new record was the fact that SpaceX was able to complete six launches in four weeks at the end of 2021.
That impressive and unexpected achievement would turn out to be an explicit sign of things to come in 2022.
SpaceX’s successful completion of three launches in 36.5 hours is merely an extension of that feat. In the same four-week period at the end of 2021, SpaceX completed three of those six launches in 69 hours. Two months later, SpaceX did it again, launching three Falcon 9 rockets from all three of its Falcon launch pads in 67 hours.
More importantly, SpaceX has also managed to sustain an average cadence of more than one Falcon launch per week throughout the first half of 2022, completing its 26th launch of the year on June 19th with another two launches planned before the end of the month. SpaceX has actually sustained that cadence for even longer. Beginning on November 24th, 2021, SpaceX has now completed 32 Falcon 9 launches in less than seven months.
Elon Musk Reaction to SpaceX broke world’s new record that NO ONE HAS DONE IT BEFORE…
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  1. Yes another world record!!! Is there no one… is there no one… is there anybody out there… I hear crickets 🦗 to the Moon to Mars. The fate Humanity rides on you Space X all our hope and future rides on you

  2. are you serious? the spaceship building company broke a world record? who gives a fuck? just say they build spaceships, it means the same thing.

  3. Good morning. In space cyristals have different properties. Energy. There's a way to harness Energy with cyristals . Instead of blue diamonds. And becareful. ,we losa space shuttle that way. Also cyristals can absorb rateation. You can do so much with cyristals. Go to cyristal cave in Pennsylvania. There's e ergy there . Tell me about your experience at cyristal cave.

  4. The based reaction of the company to that letter is great. "Get to work, stop complaining about unrelated bs or get another job."

  5. Wasnt it supposed to be launching alot more than 3 for his mars projects?
    Elon spins a tall tale with reusable rockets but are they really worth it when they are aluminium shells and the most expensive part is the fuel?

  6. Your boss running around the office naked or shouting insanities. THAT'S distracting. If SpaceX employees are distracted by their boss's super short text messages on the internet, NOT addressed to them personally, then that means that they are not working and should go back at it. The richest man on earth isn't only an entrepreneur and businesses man, he's also an influential public figure and should be free the say what ever he wants. Even when some of his employees get butt hurt.

  7. Those work for Elon Musk… And don't like him…Better stepdown gracefully.

  8. Sick of hearing about what Musk thinks!
    He's over exposed to hell.
    A Donald Trump number two who can't get enough of himself.
    No wonder his daughter wants to change her name and no wonder his own staff have lodged complaints about him!

  9. As always you, Elon and everyone who makes your awesome team….amaze me
    More than Well Done 👍

  10. if someone told me 15 years ago that this would be done by a privat company man i would have had laughed so hard… but now? this is just incredble!

  11. "Elon shouldn't tweet things I disagree with publicly, and the company shouldn't mix itself with him!" – Said angry, probably SJW/Marxist type employees, while email messaging the entire company and trying to mix their personal political/(i)moral bullshit with it. The hypocrisy is literally palpable! 🤣

  12. I wonder how long before SpaceX has launched the majority of all payload ever launched to orbit or if it is possible.

  13. I would never get cocky… this is close to miracle. 6/28. Oh I love to see them land

  14. I like this guy's channel. He is at my level. Some guys go way too deep for me, like Everyday Astronaut. And some, lets say, are not to my liking, like the Angry Astronaut.

  15. PFFT! I like Musk, but launching starships into space, there's no possible way to fill all those tanks 3 times a day, especially off shore launch pads??

  16. 3 Starship launches per day at up to 300 tons of payload per launch… 900 TTTons! Hubba! Hubba!

  17. I really hope the workers at SpaceX are actually ok as it's not the first time I've heard of their dissatisfaction. It might be that they are and Ms. Shotwell is telling the truth, but it also could be some pockets of abuse going on in there. I honestly think Ms. Shotwell should set up some sort of investigation by an external impartial company, so I can go back to 'shipping' SpaceX without this nagging my brain is doing. Hopefully it was a few trouble makers that got fired.

  18. when starship comes online it will make this look trivial. with the sheer volume of falcon launches it almost looks trivial now.

  19. When will Falcon Heavy fly again? I miss the triple booster rocket that has not launched in three years as of this month.

  20. If you have too much time to sit around on Twitter you're wasting Elon Musk get your ass to work or be fired. How about pick up a broom clean your own office

  21. You're not there or paid to share your views. STFU and do your job. If you want to try and police people who don't care about your views, go work at fakebook.

  22. "[M]ade employees feel uncomfortable, intimidated and bullied, and or angry." Lol. No it didn't, but using the woke left's own weapons against them is the surest path to victory. Well done, Gwen. And well done Elon for taking the lead in fighting back against their destructive ideology. He meant it when he said wokeness is a threat to civilization.

  23. This is what you get when you don't have bureaucracy impeding every. single. thing. you need to do to succeed on budget and on time.