SpaceX Starbase, Tx Flyover June 16

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We are now doing weekly aerial flyovers depending on the support that we get. Our cost range from pilot fees to rental fees of the Cessna 172 that is used for the flyovers over the sites.

*Special thanks to the video production team: Marvin, Bingo Boca, Mr. Pleasant

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  1. I find it incredible that there is so much rust already on a number of the structures. Sadly, all part of being near the salty ocean. Things are going to need regular paint jobs.

  2. Can you post the Exact PayPal path to donate? I tried and it went to the wrong place. 🙁

  3. Great job as usual. I'm especially interested in the new structure going in. I noticed there is an unusual amount of large ductwork. The capacity would suggest clean room operations. We'll see. If they hadn't lowered the opening I would have called it a payload processing facility. Maybe even build out. Maybe Zack G might look at that Saturday. TY