Somehow NASA just realized Boeing Starliner is BETTER than SpaceX Crew Dragon…

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  1. Boeing's problem is that it and ULA made a blunder when they decided to choose Atlas V as the launch vehicle, instead of the Delta IV medium variant. Now, ULA will have to human certify the Vulcan rocket, if BO ever delivers the engines.

  2. Of course because Boeing’s aerospace division used to be North American Rockwell, they made the Apollo Command/Service Module.

  3. With SpaceX Starship being able to land back at home base and probably having enough spare fuel to help re-orientate the International Space Station as required and probably doing this in 12-24 months – why worry?

  4. Meanwhile each star liner booster is used once then it’s done – while each Falcon is reused and reused .

  5. Surprised that not all Starliner pros were not mentioned. For example it can ferry a larger quantity of cargo to the ISS. I can't remember exact numbers, but the figures 11 tons vs 8 tons is in the back of my head, but not sure if those numbers were tons or cubic meters.

  6. Competition is good but my taxes should not subsidized Boeing's research and development department !

  7. Boeing is controlled by bean counters and has so far failed in 7 out of 9 launches. Their capsule is inferior because it was designed with bureaucratic red tape and the desire to charge as much as possible to screw the USA, while being profit-driven, not technology-driven. Dragon was designed by geniuses and produced by a company that is changing the world. SpaceX is showing Boeing how it's done.

  8. Dragon flights might be too expensive, so let's pay more money for Starliner flights so we have competition! (What's wrong with this image?)

  9. Boing is NASA and DoD's darling. The Delta IV is based on technology stolen from Lockheed-Martin. Boing was penalized 2 years with no new gov't payload launch contracts for that, and as soon as the restriction was lifted, they merged space operations with Lock-Mart to become ULA. How many Delta IV launches have there been compared to Atlas V? 93 vs 40. with 92 100% successful. I worked on the first 5 AV launches and Atlas I, II, and IAS prior to that.

  10. 4:43 If they work… 😝

    As I've said before, "Crew Dragon" is basically "Cargo Dragon" with seats and an escape system. Starliner is a new spacecraft, so it will have more bugs to work out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not busting on SpaceX and I'm damn glad they've come up with an inexpensive solution.

    This is why it's good that NASA has both. There's the old saw about how "When all you have is hammer, everything is a nail." Well, previous to all this, all we had was the Space Shuttle which was an amazing vehicle. But using it to send astronauts to ISS and return experiments to Earth was like driving a big-rig truck to do your weekly shopping. If all we need to do is send three or four people to ISS and return some experiments–which is probably what 90% of the flights are doing–it's good to have a cheap way of doing it. But for things like station reboost, it's good to have a second option (even if it is more expensive).

  11. Full disclosure? Shares of Boeing stock, any? BTW six months turnaround? The Space Shuttle turned around in a shorter time and it was larger and more complex. They turned shuttle Atlantis around in 54 days once. And Space X has turned around a Falcon 9 in just 51 days. I love Boeing, I am a big Commercial Jet & Military Systems fan. But, I think hands down Space X won the race. The only way Boeing wins now is via politics and well-placed $$$$.

  12. In order to have multiple competing organizations for space, you need to incentivize competition. As long as the gravy train keeps rolling, that is a disincentive to competition. It's time to use the carrot and the bullet. Let the dying horses die. Put them out of their misery and send a clear message for the next round of contracts. The likes of Boeing and Amazon are not going anywhere, literally or figuratively. Reward success, euthanize failure.

  13. I am really beginning to smell a rat ! Who runs NASA? Our government ! Who runs space x? Musk! Who do we trust the least? Our government! Enough said…….

  14. To be fair, we already had a space monopoly, essentially. Space X is the first non- big company competitor. So that concern is misplaced, or disingenuous.

  15. Is that why SpaceX doesn't get the bulk of contracts even though they cost less?

  16. So, what took these guys so long to be concerned about a one-horse town? Hell, America was DEPENDANT upon Russia for transportation to the ISS for years and nobody seemed to mind shelling out millions of taxpayer money to Russia.

  17. Well, the title sucks. I do not see where Starliner is better than SpaceX. I see where Starliner has the potential of being better than SpaceX Dragon. That said, I am working on a time machine. It will be better than the Dragon as well when it works. Boeing probably told NASA Boeing has more gays, transgenders, and feemales working for Boeing than SpaceX. Thus, the Starliner is better even if the Starliner does cost double compared to SpaceX.

  18. Announcer: "NASA wants to avoid the monopoly of space"

    Reality: "Now the real space race begins"

  19. Why even compare? Dragon is being discontinued for the new Starship. We are in the 21 st century we no longer need 60's capsules.

  20. Are you an sjw? Why are listening to sjw Elon musk haters? This video nearly made me unsubscribe and got a hard down vote from me

  21. We don't want a single company to have a monopoly on space, but we're happy if Russia has a monopoly on space.

  22. Yes SpaceXs went for a cheaper option in the design of it's Crew Dragon spacecraft, basically copying old NASA technology. And with good reason! They see it as a interim step before moving on to Starship, their main focus. Why spend a huge amount of money developing a craft that will be soon be obsolete?

  23. Yeah, but you're only comparing the re usability of the capsule, a very small piece of the vehicle as a whole. A good portion of the rocket, like the shuttle is not reusable whereas spacex is nearly completely reusable. Also factoring in the water vs land landing, which company is saving you more money and which is more reusable? I think SpaceX wins in a landslide.

  24. Geeez, I wonder if this whole story has anything to do about Elon shinning light on recent political corruption, the Epstein's Island, etc, etc.

  25. so……we have to wait for Boeing to catch up…..I wonder how many rockets could have been launched for the amount of money they paid her for that little jewel of. first year accounting information.

  26. boeing have not made any loses at all, all of their nasa projects have been cost plus contracts.

  27. They just spend tax payer money and spend tax payers money, and spend tax payer s money for no gain get rid of Boeing..

  28. Complete BS, giant companies held a monopoly for decades costing NASA and US tax ayers billions of dollars – where as Space X has only had a few years of proving them selves and helping NASA budget. Boeing should be saying goodbye to space for a while.