SpaceX Starship Ready to Fly in 1 Month

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  1. 2 flights at the most. I think we'll have more delays between the first and second flights. Assuming the first doesn't go 100% as planned they will try to fix issues before dooming another to fail like they did with skipping SN12-14 in the early days of testing

  2. I give it less then 5%chance there’s a manned mission to the moon this decade. The full Starship Rocket (Starship/Superheavy) is still an unproven prototype let alone the whole project has been stuck in a quagmire of litigation. On the other end NASA’s SLS is equally as frustrating in that being also a prototype Rocket of which yet again could not complete the full countdown on the wet dress rehearsal due to a leak. If the SLS has to go back to high bay again I’ll move my % guess to 1%. A notable mention I’m a huge fan of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy of which I hope 🤞 this magical unicorn gets off the ground this year rather then just another smoke and mirrors performance of putting missions on the manifest then poof they disappear. Nobody seems to question that about SpaceX. How is it the Falcon Heavy keeps getting contracts but yet this platform has not launched in literally years? The private sector might be running the current astronaut program but the shackles of bureaucracy and projects going over budget are impossible to break from what I’m seeing. -Shame, The Artemis Program looked soooo promising when it was 1st promoted and promised within the 2020’s era.

  3. I wonder – when ditching the two stages in the ocean, isn't there a big chance that foreign powers like Russia and/or China will try to recover all or part of it, like e.g. the Raptor 2's ?? The technology is a quantum leap, and obviously have huge military and strategic value.. 😎

  4. I don’t see it happening next month.. they still need a permit and we know how long that takes sometimes

  5. Definitely at least 2 SS flights this year. Whether there’s a 3rd depends on what happens with those first 2 flights. If you listen to Elon, there will be a flight once a month for the rest of the year. If SpaceX gets 5 orbital flights permitted by the PEA, then we get 5 total this year (I find that difficult to believe). If that happens, hopefully the count restarts in January 2023 for permissible orbital flights in Boca Chica. But I don’t know. Just a lot of guessing, and I suspect plenty of people will be eating crow come January 2023.

  6. SpaceX is limited to five flights a year in Texas.

    Of course they would try to get every one of 2022's allowed five between now and Jan. 2023.

    There are six months and a couple weeks left in 2022, so once a month Starship stack launches are consistent with gaming the FAA fonsi launch limits.

  7. I believe that your mask has already planned just a few flights for the rest of this year to launch these dummy rockets basically, into orbit they may or may not do anything actually productive like put Starlink satellites in orbit but all just to see how it flies and how it returns until it flies and returns in a predictable pattern. Once it does that then they can work on flying them and returning them to be caught by the tower, because if you look at how the falcon nine boosters are landing they are hitting pretty much dead center on those drone ships every time they launch. So if they can do that with those, and the starship boosters, and the starships them selves, are flying the same way they will be able to catch them put them back onto the orbital launch platform and stack the starship back on top refuel it and fly it again once they successfully do that, you’ve got a ship that has never been seen on this planet before.

  8. The FAA delays seem to have benefited SpaceX. There have been several modifications made to improve the chances of success.

  9. Folks are quick to attack the FAA over taking so long but, I have to wonder how much SpaceX has to do with the review and investigation. At the backbone of the company is a gazillionaire and they did or do not get there but not cutting a couple corners now and then. That said, I am completely on SpaceX side and can not wait to see the lift off! Most of the items the FAA are asking be done are already in the mix so should be easy to comply. I do wish the they would recover the ship so we can see where the burn marks are and the rest of the condition of the ship. Maybe it's not cost effective. 🙁

  10. really the FAA gave the assessment FONSI. Findings Of No Significant Impact. just seems strange after 5 delays and months of waiting to end up with a "no impact" outcome. plus SpaceX was already doing many of the 75 stipulations on their own prior to the assessment. 😀 though that it's over and can focus on the Space business at hand to get Starship into (at least partial) orbit. let's go SpaceX!

  11. Let’s go Will I can’t wait!🚀🚀🚀 I’m hoping on more then 2 this year 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻