SpaceX Starship Updates! B7.1 Test Tank Rolled Out! B7 Launch Pad Prep! TheSpaceXShow

Welcome to the latest SpaceX Starship updates video from TheSpaceXFans. We have multiple back to back launches to cover to …


  1. YIPPEE! 13th landing!
    Be interesting to know how they monitor stresses at the can crusher.

  2. Spacex should just put this caption on their Recuitment website
    "If you are WOKE/LEFTIST/LIBERAL – you are not welcome in SpaceX"

  3. Thanks for bringing up the employee letter. If helps me to believe you really do care about "everyfing SpaceX". I wonder if Tim Dodd (Everyday Astronaut) would risk his cozy relationship with Elon by doing the same.

  4. Musk is someone who is both hard to work for and satisfying to work for as he expects only 100% from everyone. Progress comes from blood sweat and tears, not hugs, kisses and fairy tails. If you don't like that, don't work for Elon Musk.

  5. Btw those workers were fired for bullying, harassment, and making other employees feel uncomfortable in work. And having worked with people like that I'm happy to hear they're gone

  6. So Elon who says he's a free speech absolutist fires those that criticize him… Hypocrite!