Elon Musk FINALLY REVEALED Powerfull New Perovskite Solar Cell 2023!

Elon Musk FINALLY REVEALED Powerfull New Perovskite Solar Cell 2023!

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New #solar panels have been unveiled by #ElonMusk, and they’ve been dubbed Solar 3.0. It is the name of Elon Musk’s next solar panel. What we’ve never seen before is going to be more efficient and inexpensive, and it’s going to change the whole business.
With these Solar panels will Elon be able to #power the whole US?

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  1. Worked with solar 10 years. It's no good.They know it yet they push garbage forward.

  2. Web 3.0 then solar 3.0
    Waiting for wind 3.0 and also nuclear fusion 1.0 at least…come on!

  3. All of this sounds good, but unless we get way better energy storage, we can't power everything with solar. but it's a start.

  4. Jesus is coming back soon repent of your sins and have faith alone in Jesus Christ and you'll be saved, for God so loved the world…🙏🙏🙏🙏 John 3:16-17, Acts 2:38 KJV 🌻🌻🌻

  5. Been waiting for provaskite solar to come out you can actually stack cells to increase efficiency by collecting different light rays instead of just 1 spectrum like monocrystaline panels

  6. Musk is right let him work .Trump raise the national debt 7 trillion in 4 years the people got nothing for the 7Trillon dollars almost lost our country .We could have bought a lot of solar and wind for 7 Trillion dollars, put Elon in charge of the project I trust Elon musk more than I trust Trump and his goons

  7. There is no such thing as 3.o It's 3 simple as that, dickhead. 300 Watts? You cannot boil a fucking kettle with that.

  8. LOL. You make it sound like Musk company developed this Perovskite Solar Cell. Far from the truth. A small company developed this solar cell.

  9. Your producers need to get your numbers right. You say contradictory things with regard to costs, confusing dollars for cents, for example.

  10. Wouldn't it be interesting if we could create a micro solar panel integrated into paint in other words billions of microscopic solar panel cells.. that are basically sprayed on as paint

  11. Without creating synergy and generating wealth from a Rube Goldberg system to fix many problems from changing the value of low value land to subsidize the manufacturing, installation, and storage Green Energy.

  12. It all sounds good to me. And knowing Elon Musk he will keep advancing it continually even if it cost him extra money to retool. He has the people, and we have the need.

  13. The biggest thing we need to do as a whole as a people of the planet we need to get the profiteers the profiteering sorry out of the energy industry the idea of selling the Earth resources to the people who live there is ridiculous it should just be a public utility the idea of people using these resources to control the population again ridiculous it's all out in the open now I think the resources of the planet should be for equal use of the people there should be no profit these people are criminals using the resources to control us and now they just simply saying that they're going to take over the whole planet everybody should pay attention they don't own it they don't own us they're turning us into cattle and deciding which ones and of us will survive cuz now they're openly talking about changing our genetics and depopulation what gives them the right to secretly scheme behind our backs while we're all working and trying to survive they're undermining our governments our governments are selling out to them openly admitting it and we're just supposed to sit back and watch our demise like a really bad scary movie well that's the same damn thing that Hitler was going on about back in the thirties a lot of the propaganda is similar a lot of the statements are similar pay attention people

  14. Nice, Ive never heard someone say "sili-can" instead of "sili-cone" like a ice cream cone.

  15. This is amazing! I cant wait to see the monopolies of power plants out of business! Let's goooo! America needs competition again!

  16. Attempt is more important than results… No attempts – no results, no progress… Keep going, men!!!

  17. Great a real advancement and needed more then ever before, i do wish he would look at small wind power that are small enough that could be incorporated with his solar i see the need for both.