SpaceX Chopsticks Lift Booster 7 with 33 Raptor Engines

SpaceX is lifting Booster 7 onto the orbital launch mount via the Chopsticks. This is the first time that Chopsticks have lifted a booster. All 33 Raptor engines are installed on the Super Heavy prototype. Booster 7 will be conducting the first static fire tests at the orbital launch pad in Starbase, Texas.

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  1. Good morning and happy midsummer! Dancing around the booster instead of the midsummer pole? 🙂

  2. Executed well as always.. The chopsticks idea is really something else. It sounds optimistic but I really do want SpaceX to nail that first catch attempt down the road.

  3. It looks like the booster is hanging at an angle? Is this due to the chopsticks bending due to the weight of the booster or is it meant to be like that?

  4. no need stare live it wont orbit tomorrow! and are we allready see same thing. its been stacked before opsy

  5. Someone else had the picture of Thomas as Omniman and Adrian as Invincible in mind when Thomas tried to explane that watching a launch live is awesome?

  6. Damn! Forgive me guys and girls , but I start to think you should include more pitures of food/beverage related items…Keeps things even more interesting and fills up the time.
    Seriously perhaps do some local/general reviews in half the screen on the "dead" time while cameras show not much activity happening.
    Food is always something that excites people.
    There is always room for improvement! No ?
    Just my stupid idea!

  7. I sincerely hope he puts an American flag on the side between now and launch. No man alive has benefited more, and has more to be grateful for, from being in the USA than Mr. Musk. Our greatest and most accomplished African-American.

  8. Anyone else watching with the sound off now because its 50% sales driven, with every time they get paid getting a mention?

  9. Im 71 years old. I stil get tbe same thill as i did as a kid watching mercury, gemini and appollo!!

  10. This is awesome so amazing to see chopsticks lifts booster so much more exciting coming soon

  11. Woohoo! That was one long-ass trip but since it's been so long since we had any action, it was well worth the wait.