SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Starlink 3-2 Mission

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Falcon 9 is launching the Starlink 3-2 mission with 46 internet satellites onboard. Liftoff is scheduled for 10:39 a.m. PT (17:39 UTC) from SLC-4E, Vandenberg SFB, California.

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  1. I'm old enough to remember Walter Cronkite narrating the coverage of the early NASA missions like Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. He would call on "experts" to give us the technical information that he wasn't knowledgeable about. At the time we thought the coverage was fantastic. But let me tell you, it was nothing like what you folks are doing today. Beside fantastic ground tracking, we are treated to on-board camera coverage (thank you SpaceX) and the direct commentary from you – OUR experts. You seamlessly field all manner of questions with knowledgeable and interesting answers. What we, the viewers and listeners, get is so far beyond what anyone else has done or is doing. As Tony the Tiger would say "Keep up the gr-r-r-r-r-eat work that you do." Thank you all so very much.

  2. That was so amazing. Seems like we are flying with the rocket to space. This was just super satisfying video.

  3. Crazy, i don't follow every launch anymore, missed that one and saw the trail directly after launch in Germany, Frankfurt. Instantly knew that i missed a successfull launch but got compensated with real live sight <3 Always insane to experience the speed of orbiting, propably like 1:50 hours from LA to FRA? And that is with one full travel around the world before (LA to FRA is 9k km, ).

    Should be possible within 20 mins the other way around the globe

  4. When are we going to talk about the elephant (James Webb) in the room? It looks like a biiiiig dissapointment!

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