SpaceX Starbase, Tx Flyover July 18, 2022

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We are now doing weekly aerial flyovers depending on the support that we get. Our cost range from pilot fees to rental fees of the Cessna 172 that is used for the flyovers over the sites.

*Special thanks to the video production team: Marvin, Bingo Boca, Mr. Pleasant

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  1. Thanks for the flyover video. Great shots as always. Looking forward to Saturdays stream to go over some of the other pictures taken.

  2. I look at SS 24 with duct tape holding TPS. Reminds me the sound track of Mel Brooks "Young Frankstein" movie. CSI Starbase should play it, when they take shot SS 24 next time. To see how many likes and share.

  3. This a beach in Texas and the future of mankind is being built there in those elements with sand blowing everywhere must be the greatest challenge in any advanced engineering project in mankind ever taken place!