Congress makes BIG changes to SLS and Artemis! What about Starship?

Congress just passed a new bill that makes some critical and badly needed changes to Artemis, including TWO missions per year!! But what about Lunar Starship? What good is going back to the Moon if you can’t land? Is Congress really serious about this plan?
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The new bill


  1. In 1492 CE Chris Columbus and crew landed in the Caribbean Islands. 41 years later the Spanish had pretty much conquered most of the Americas. That was then technologically equivalent to lunar manned missions.
    And here we still are, just funneling funds into the pockets of royalty with no results to show for it.

  2. 1. It's totally a gummint boondoggle to divert wealth from workers and into the pockets of the polytricktians' $pon$or$' pockets.
    2. Once the Musks of the world are established enough they'll bypass the Tollway and save on delta V by going Mars Direct.
    3. Like the Senate Lunch System this is just lip service to bribe cheap votes out of the naïve space enthusiasts unwilling to look inside the government sausage factory.

  3. This also will be mandating a lot more waste in the system/NASA/government.
    As the government now has an excuse to cancel the entire projet.

  4. Mentioning of SLS and ISS only means this bill was drafted indirectly by and for traditional NASA contractors like Boeing and others.

  5. AA, it’s possible that Congress is looking at having NASA use the Dynetics lander for manned lunar surface activities and not the SX option.

    I’m not sure if it’s the right choice. I know you are. But I’m concerned about the height of the SX lander vs the Dynetics lander. The SX lander is just too damn tall!!

    Another thing, all the refueling flights just to initiate TLI! What if the valves for propellant transfer fail?!? Then what?!? I hope SX is successful with it but seems like the complexity of the flight profile is gonna doom it.

    Agree fully these oversight measures are long overdue!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. To me it's either Artemis or ISS. Forget Starship. After the explosion, the other week, we don't even know whether methane can safely be used as a rocket fuel. I prefer Artemis to ISS, because at least we'll have an earth to lunar orbit manned transportation system again. We can always build a lunar lander in the future. But not that ridiculous multiple refueling system of Starship. We can use one unmanned flight of SLS for a lunar lander. Let the commercial people build the next LEO space station. NASA does not have a history of running 2 major manned programs at the same time. Witness Apollo vs. Skylab vs. Shuttle/ISS vs Artemis.

  7. no government agency is getting to mars on $25bil a year or whatever pathetic pittance it is. I fully expect spaceX to get there first as part of a commercial venture.

  8. Instead of launching the SLS rocket can we just launch the whole SLS program into space. It's not reusable, right?

  9. Excuse my simplification, why can't we just cookie cutter the "saturn 5"? Not an exact copy of the vehicle, but a copy of the process, a one and done rocket. Then we can contract companies to land supplies and experiments separately.

  10. The way I see it, Congress has finally pulled on their big-boy pants and asked that Boeing be held accountable for the pork-barrel billions they have been paid to come up with SLS. That's a good thing.
    I am not at all worried about SpaceX following through with completion of Lunar Starship. I expect Elon will take the money out of his own pocket to complete that mission if that's what it takes. For now, the immediate goal is to prove that Starship can get to orbit. They are already working twoard that as fast as the FAA and the laws of physics allow.
    As for the ISS? It's getting pretty old. Perhaps it's getting close to time to de-orbit the whole thing and let commercial ventures build something a lot bigger, more advanced and useful.
    That's my 2 cents worth.

  11. Government has no place in going to space. This is purely the domain of the private sector.

  12. My guess is it is going to be used to scuttle Artemis to make way for President Harris to announce the next half baked space tax swindle that they never intend to complete in a year or so.

  13. SLS is made up of parts from Reusable spaceship, the important of Reusability was always mentioned regarding the space shuttle. Now we are supposed to look forward to all those reusable parts Burning up in the atmosphere.

  14. The next Administration will SLS , and revert funds back to SpaceX Starship. I really hope America makes it to Moon with SpaceX 1st at least Star Ship Tech will be ready when President Trump returns in 2024 lol.👍🤘👏

  15. I have yet to see the analysis that shows conclusively that getting to mars can be done more cost & energy efficiently by first flying to what appears to be a hard-to-get-to halo orbit around the moon. With that, Artemis begins to make sense. Without it, going to the moon to get to mars shows itself to be the pork barrel program it actually is.

    And put enough constraints on Elon and he’ll most likely pull out of the moon program and concentrate on mars.

  16. It is all a big mess, and all start by not having a policy for spacefaring.
    NASA wants science, but the government should have Lunar mining and resources exploitation as targets.
    Because China has set its eyes on that already.

  17. All this is well and good however the big issue is that the program remains a GUVMINT funded and managed agency,right back to square one.

  18. First step should be building orbital infrastructure. We should be able to bring back a small near-earth asteroid for raw materials, as we've already landed several ships on such asteroids. Add refinery/storage and power systems so that you can power the refinery and make fuel.
    Once you have fuel you can refuel in orbit, so you don't have to carry it with you. And the other resources will let you make some thing in space either by 3d printing or in a machine shop. That will drastically decrease the cost of building in orbit, as all of the heavy/easier to make parts like hab modules can be made in situ. You just have to bring in a few things like computers.

  19. I expect China to make faster progress than NASA. And when the US realizes China will be able to lob heavy lunar metal mass out of lunar escape velocity, it will finally sink in … damn, these 10,000 pound guided slugs will enter the atmosphere at 20,000 mph and vaporize anything they hit. That’s what it will take for Congress to finally allow Starship to become the foundation of the lunar colony program.

  20. Looks like Congress is locking in a solution that keeps their favorite big donors … oops,I mean big companies under the money spigot. Notice how the mandates include the expensive upgrade of the launch tower. That means the director can not save money by switching over to a starship solution that does not need the upgrade.

  21. It sounds good but it depends on who is appointed to run it. There is a lot missing particularly a budget. It could lead to NASA cutting funding to other worthwhile projects. Being a political appointment it is open to pressures from the army of politicians and lobbyists employed by the aerospace companies. It perhaps should be called ACCESS – Aerospace Companies Corruption Enabling SLS System.
    At the end of the day the US will have a mini ISS circling the moon at vast cost where a couple of astronauts can wave at the Chinese on the surface, and no way to get down. Nothing is reusable in the SLS system – it is a license to burn money.

  22. Seems like common sense, Congress actually may have helped move this along. Appears to be good news.

  23. I don't get your concern regarding Starship HLS. The funding for Starship HLS is already secured, the concern is about the second lander competitions.

  24. US intelligence to Congress China's doing big things in space we need to compete. Congress OK let's throw more money at it we cant fall behind. 🌰 nutshell

  25. This channel, from a purely political standpoint, is always right on point. That is not easy this day and age. We had this tech in the '50's and '60's, and we've been pissing it away in the name of political correctness.

  26. I look forward to the astronauts returning to the Moon with their new, improved four-wheel drives. Footage will indeed be spectacular (this time).

  27. I feel like Congress is just putting up goals for the artemis program to fail so they can later cancel it and act like it wasn't there fault to begin with.

  28. OK, here's the bottom line….micro gravity/zero gravity environments are harmful to human health. PERIOD. No if's, and's, or but's about it. We've proven that, with certainty, and we've also proven with certainty that there is absolutely nothing , not nutrition, or exercise, or drugs, that can mitigate the long term effects of microgravity on the human body.
    Long term moon or mars gravity ill effects, still to be determined with certainty.
    Continuing to hemorrhage massive amounts of funding for space development projects that do not include plans for rotating habitats are simply unacceptable, as this is tantamount to exploiting/sacrificing human beings' health and longevity for the sake of ….what exactly? Anything that is worth that cost?
    Until we can develop safe and efficient structures for living off-planet THAT PROVIDE A SUBSTITUTE for gravity, we should stay at the bottom of the gravity well and let robots/telepresence do the work that needs to be done in space.
    Any other approach is thoughtless, dangerous, expensive and wasteful of resources. PARTICULARLY the efforts of NASA that build and deploy 'throw-away' hardware, a virtually criminal approach that exists solely to fill the pockets of big corp. hardware sub-contractors.
    Let's move on, please, and get smart about space development.

  29. That job description is perfectly written for Kamala after her "stellar" performance down at our southern border!