SpaceX Great Improvements From Starship S20 to S24 That No One Talks About Are INSANE

SpaceX Great Improvements From Starship S20 to S24 That No One talks About Are INSANE

Now that the FAA has raised the green flag for SpaceX to peacefully launch the Starship into space, the company recently discovered that SN20 and B4 were getting deteriorated and outdated. It’s sad to say that the SN20 and the B4 have already been manufactured and stored in their respective bays for nine months.
So, they cannot be tested and prepared for an orbital test flight. Hence SpaceX decides to deviate their concentration from the SN20 and B4 and take the bold step of producing another brand-new prototype, which is the ship 24 or SN24 and booster 7 or B7. And this particular prototype can be described as a variety of spice in space.

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  1. You promised the improvements of Starship S20 to S24, but used random disconnected, unnecessary and unrelated videos of SLS, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, satellites not launched by Starship… without talking about the improvements of Starship S20 to S24.