NASA just officially announced the SLS launch date to beat SpaceX’s Starship to orbit!

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NASA just officially announced the SLS launch date to beat SpaceX’s Starship to orbit!

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“The Eagle has landed.”
On July 20, 1969, NASA’s astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, touched down in the Sea of Tranquility, becoming the first humans ever to land on the Moon!
Flash forward 53 years, and NASA has used the anniversary to announce tentative launch dates for the first major stage of a mission designed to put human boots on the Moon again.

At a Wednesday briefing, NASA officials announced that they had target launch dates of Aug. 29, Sept. 2, and Sept. 5 for the Artemis 1 mission, an uncrewed test flight of the Orion spacecraft and the first launch of the SLS.
The long-awaited Artemis 1 launch will send an unpiloted Orion crew capsule on a test flight beyond the moon and back, ending with a blistering 25,000-mph re-entry, causing heat about half that of the temperature of the sun.
That will expose the spacecraft’s heat shield to temperatures as high as 4,000 degrees, proving whether or not Orion is ready to survive the mission — or if parts of its design need to go back to the drawing board.
If the initial test flight goes well, NASA plans to launch four astronauts atop the second SLS rocket for an around-the-moon shakedown flight in 2024 — Artemis 2 — before sending the first woman and the first person of color to a landing near the moon’s south pole in 2025 or 2026 as part of the Artemis 3 mission.
Interestingly, if everything goes according to plan, the Artemis I mission will also confirm SLS’s status as the biggest, most powerful operational space rocket on Earth.
Because, Starship, space titan SpaceX’s flagship rocket, the only can vying with SLS, still gets stuck on the ground.
Without Biden politicized FAA’s sudden newfound, foot-dragging, amorphous ‘Environmental review’, SpaceX would have conducted a Starship test launch months ago with the iconic serial number pair 420, acquiring vital data, retiring risk, refining vehicle & facility/tower design, launching the 2nd Starship,…
But that’s only if!
NASA just officially announced the SLS launch date to beat SpaceX’s Starship to orbit!
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  1. this proves that Nasa is a puppet of Congress, who never really cared about Space until there became money in it. the SLS is and was a scam from the beginning, and no matter what anyone says, I'd be scared to death to ride on that thing.

  2. NASA and SpaceX work together they are not fighting legit i hope there is no problem with SLS its a cool rocket and i think that SLS is more cool then starship there is no problem with that is there i just think that there is more history to NASA and SLS

  3. Waste of money. Imagine where Starship would be if NASA had help fund that, just a fraction of what they've wasted on SLS…..

  4. Lol knew it. Withheld FAA approval for space x just long enough. They'll still get left in the dirt by space x

  5. Ditch SLS and launch Orion on Falcon 9 Heavy instead. A successful SLS launch guarantees nothing more than spending BILLIONS of dollars more on that vehicle. Give congress an excuse to stop funding it.

  6. Kan't let the new guy beat the "good 'ol boys club" huh? Kurious with a kapitol K… . I hope NASA gets it act together soon- so that SpaceX can be allowed to continue it's work towards making humans a "multi-planetary species" (instead of subjects under the rule of the Almighty Lord, Putin).

  7. Can they reuse any part of that thing? If not just set a pile of money on fire instead. But seriously any part of it reusable at all?

  8. Regarding the statement that "SpaceX would be nothing without NASA".
    As I understand it the falcon 9 was developed with private funds up to the point that SpaceX got involved in the NASA crew and cargo programs. Obviously the NASA money was a boost to SpaceX. But to say it would be nothing is wrong.

  9. Believe me, the Fed's are Already cooking up ways to delay SpaceX's Florida Operations. The deck is stacked.

  10. SLS is just a bunch of old Shuttle parts tacked together. What a waste of money. Shameful.

  11. NASA should be ashamed of working with Russia, a country that has killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children in Ukraine and elsewhere.

  12. Yes because they are in the presidents ass and part of the system why do you think the government has held up spacex
    Same reason Tesla wasn’t invited to the presidents electric car symposium
    He’s up uaw get the fossil out of office

  13. Man, what seems to be the problem and why is it taking so long ?.. we did it 6 times half a century ago and just repeat it using the proven technology to go back to the moon – "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

  14. To blame Biden on the FAA delay is just divisive and untrue. Good update though.

  15. Yep. Seems right. Let’s put a system that has never been live tested, has no reusability, and probably costs more that 20 starships and necessary boosters. All of which reusable. Seems like the green new deal at work. 😂

  16. SpaceX is an American company that we the people should be supporting ! Why do we let the government tell us different !?

  17. SLS has lost regardless of when t launches. At $2 billion per launch and no reuseability it is a white-elephant destined to become a curiosity and a footnote in space exploration history. The political foot-dragging by the FAA to hobble SpaceX cannot alter this.