What SpaceX just did in Florida is a BIG SLAP to Blue Origin?

What SpaceX just did in Florida is a BIG SLAP to Blue Origin?
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Jeff Bezos has been working on Blue Origin for over 20 years at this point having started way back in 2000. Despite this though, people often discount Blue Origin as SpaceX has relatively made significantly more progress despite having less funding and time. The ongoing feud between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk hasn’t helped Blue Origin’s case very much either.
Nasa Moon contract, rocket, engine, and now, what SpaceX just did with its second launch tower in Florida is a big slap to Blue Origin!
Let’s find out everything about this interesting topic in today’s episode of the Alpha tech channel!

Jeff Bezos is betting on space tourism. A conservative by nature, in business, he is guided by a smooth development tactic based on the old military adage: “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Blue Origin’s motto, Gradatim Ferociter, is Latin for “step by step, ferociously”. After each successful launch, a tortoise is drawn on board the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, which is a reference to Aesop’s fable about the Tortoise overtaking the Hare.

“The long-term goal of our small team,” says Blue Origin founder, “is to find a way for a person to gradually get used to outer space. We will achieve it slowly, step after step. Be turtles, not hares, and spend resources wisely.”

Unfortunately, after nearly a decade, Blue Origin’s turtle can’t be better than SpaceX’s hare in any way.

Notably, during an unplanned meeting in Florida, Starship launch tower construction speed completely surpassed Blue Origin’s New Glenn launch pad.
In September 2015, Blue Origin leased Launch Complex 36 (LC-36) in Cape Canaveral, Florida to build a launch pad for their orbital launch vehicle New Glenn.
Ground-breaking for the facility to begin construction occurred in June 2016. By March 2018, Blue’s construction at LC-36 was lagging, but the company stated they did not think it would delay achieving the anticipated 2020 initial launch of New Glenn.
However, as of 2022, Blue Origin does not expect to launch New Glenn until 2023 at the earliest.

The Blue Origin orbital launch site will be situated on a total of 306 acres of leased land assembled from former Launch Complexes 11, 36A, and 36B. The land parcel will be used to build a rocket engine test stand for the BE-4 engine, a launch mount—called the Orbital Launch Site by Blue—and a reusable booster refurbishment facility for the New Glenn launch vehicle, which is expected to land on a seaborne platform and returned to Port Canaveral for refurbishment.
Space Florida’s Dale Ketcham called it a “monster” of a launch pad.
“It is going to be a beast,” Ketcham said.
But disappointingly, after 6 years, there are still a lot of unfinished parts here from Blue Origin.
What SpaceX just did in Florida is a BIG SLAP to Blue Origin?


  1. Blue origin doesn't care about getting to orbit, all they care about are open ended government contracts that they can milk for years

  2. I get pissed when i see so much potential in Blue 0rigin, but Blue 0rigin does not seem to see similar potential in themselves. What B.O needs, is a three (3) way plan for space tourism success.

    First plan; the capsule space rocket tourism success, which it has already achieved, launching paying customers into near earth orbit for brief space flights lasting just minutes..

    Second plan; the shuttle space rocket tourism success, which is developing a mini space shuttle, a little bigger than the capsule of B.0 and fitted on the rocket booster, replacing the capsule and allowing for much longer space flight, makes for a runway landing capability…

    Third plan: the shuttle to B.Os space station tourism success, which is the final stage and involves building a mini space station for the shuttle to dock and allow space tourist astronauts to stay longer periods in space..

  3. Look like blue origin was relying on gov tax dollars to fund development. When they lost contract, dev stopped

  4. Bezo's flaw with Blue Origin is its attempt to tap into the limitless tax money of the military industrial complex model. By lobbying (bribes), political allying, and boasting cost-plus bids. But they don't have the resources, until they win those government contracts. They have more lawyers than engineers! Bezos wants to desperately join the old boy's network. He may still succeed since he can bribe as many crooked politicians as possible. He has the WA Senator in his pocket, and I'm sure ULA will assist Bezos against Space-X. But Space-X has Musk inspiring the best of the best of America's engineers. That is an insurmountable force.

  5. It would be great if Blue Origin could make it big, there is no other US alternative to Spacex for human spaceflight. There is enough room for a few more private players in this segment

  6. Just because both companies are owned by the two richest people on the planet doesn't mean we should be comparing them. Blue Origin has done nothing noteworthy at all, they are nothing compared to SpaceX. I wish people would stop bringing up Blue Origin.

  7. Basically, the difference between doing the Engineering and paying someone else ( on a budget ) to do the Engineering.
    One knows how it works, the other is hoping that it works.

  8. Someday if he'a good boy little Jeffie can fly his blue organ and spaceballs all the way to the SpaceX station and pretend like he's a REAL big boy astronaut!

  9. Jeff Bozo’s is a card carrying WEF tyrant who is more concerned with treason against his own country than he is about space!

  10. Are submarines will kill all of them, if it ever came to that. Hypersonic or not, we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves. And I don't believe they're ahead of the United States. It just trying to scare you. We have the technology too.

  11. LOL! As if BO is actually a competitor. . . It's just a tax writeoff for Bezos, never really intended to succeed.

  12. Anybody else find the phrase "The likes of" a bit pejorative? As if Roscosmos and SpaceX just started launching rockets recently and have only been successful a couple of times? Jefe Pesos is finding out he can't sue his way into LEO.

  13. Obviously Jeff Bezos knows nothing about the rapid speed of science and technology of Nazi Germany from 1933 til 1945 when they surpassed Albert Einstein in physics and appylying quantum physics as alternative science. They had the first jet plane, ramjet plane, rocket powered plane and helicopter, plus the first jet bomber plane classified as the America class. And there are still classified documents from World War 2 from the Federal Government from ratings as Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, and Super Secret!

  14. 2 very different approaches and capabilities. Musk is a risk taker with a degree in Physics + comes from a software development background; giving him an empirical + iterative approach to production…where each iteration improves (refactors) the desing & implementation of Spacex capabilities for the better. Bezos on the other hand, has none of the latter.

  15. It'd be huge slap when SpaceX will lands Both Starship and superheavy booster successfully.

    Rocket research and development is highly depended on money and I don’t think any government is willing to fund same budget as in 60's.
    SpaceX's success is very important

  16. What is Blue Origin ‘s issue we never see anybody working in any of their factories no people working on anything, this shows that he was going to use the money he got for a lander on other things , why it looks like they are not testing or producing rockets and rocket motors.

  17. Jeff blew it when he expected to get money before he developed his rockets or moon landers , SpaceX used its own money for development, then got money to do further development, the new rule is fly before buy! Jeff didn’t know this he expected hand outs first dummy , and still hasn’t delivered engines to ULA wtf ? What his problem

  18. Jeff Bezos is a selling machine with selling logic, not an economist or space engineer. Although his background as an electrical engineer and information technology help him to raise Amazon, information entertainment and buying journals, … focusing in space tourism and so on. So the missions statements of the two companies differ astronomically ( pun intended ), "The path to hell is paved with good intentions " and "Devil lives on details."😀

  19. Bezos needs to just stick to his stupid new Shepard rocket and do his stupid champagne sprays that’s all he’s good for new Glenn will never fly

  20. The government may need to throw some contracts towards the competition at some point. In order to have good prices, you need competition, and if you never have the contracts to get revenue, then the company can shrivel up and die. Long term, it is good that there is both UPS and Fedex. It gives everyone a choice. There is also the postal service and not Amazon. The winners, customers, get the innovation of all of the companies. Generally, in awarding military contracts you need several bidders, in the same way for road construction you need several bidders, without solid healthy growing companies, it can be really hard to have competitive bids. Breaking up the telecom companies was good for America, if gave better long distance rates. Having multiple car companies has helped us have more reliable automobiles. Competition is needed.