Scientists Detected Terrifying Signal From Proxima b

Using Australia’s Parkes Observatory to monitor Proxima Centauri, the Scientists was conducting a ten-year hunt for alien broadcasts from the nearest million stars when they discovered the unusual signal.
Proxima Centauri is a star that is too dim to see from Earth with the naked eye that is a cosmic stone’s throw away at just 4.2 light-years. What could this signal mean.
Credit : NASA – European Space Agency (ESA) – SpaceX – Wikipedia.


  1. Massive waste of money. Cancel programs, turn ship and everything into recycled metal…70 years and nothing produced…. Scrap it all.

    Dont be fooled by these idiots!

  3. I don’t believe we are alone in the universe but seeing how human nature can be; I think it’s best we be alone in the universe.

  4. 5 humanoid species per galaxy. We need to build a robotic Rover and send them out.

  5. It's so easy to c. L. I. C. K. B. A. I. T on cosmic shit videos without getting criticized.

  6. We are for ALL practical purposes alone in the universe forever get over it dreamers

  7. Couldn't you just see two aliens having a.conversation from where they are looking down on earth….."what is that bright orange thing???"……"I think that's Donald Trump!!"

  8. What’s so terrifying about there obviously are more advanced the. Us if they wanted to harm us they would have done it that’s why they stay away from humans cause we’re stupid

  9. is this the same system that the anonymous hackers said "had a full blown civilization'?

  10. A powerful volcanic erruption within an atmosphere on the planet might have caused a strong enough wave to be detected here on earth; It might point to tectonic plating of the planet?

  11. There is no what if… !!!
    God in the Holy Quran vividly said there are lives in other planets period.

  12. Why is it terrifying? We have been looking for other lifeforms ever since we stood up and looked at the cosmos.

  13. Why are we even asking this Question That "are we alone?" when we have a clear answer that no we are not alone in this Universe. And The Biggest proof is Our Gods that we Worship. And all The Religious Books screaming in to our ears That We are Not Alone and Never Were before. In Every Religious Books all around The World one thing clearly Mentioned That Our Gods are not from this Planet (Earth) They came from Somewhere else from another Planet located very very very far from Us.

  14. One thing I don't understand, why we set signal repetition to be aliens? We never repeated any msg that we sent into the space, so if we didn't repeat the transmission why then we set up that as most important parameter? It's a paradox, right?
    For me personally WOW signal is the real deal, it's discarded because did not repeat but again maybe it was but we actually don't know from where exactly the transmission was and secondly we never repeated our own transmissions so I firmly believe that we need to remove that as a must to be recognized as a legit.

  15. Interesting information, but why search for other life forms when humanity can’t even take the time to properly care for this planet, let alone welcome aliens from another, and also is always ready into destroying something it doesn’t understand?? Also, if it is another life form, who’s to say they would welcome humanity with open arms, or whatever physical form they may have, and treat us with dignity and respect, or let alone to be used as their slaves or to be used for their food source.
    An old saying goes like this…..curiosity may kill a cat, but stupidity draws attention to itself. We don’t really need anybody’s help into destroy ourselves, including everything else upon our planet, but instead we will use our technological wonders to do that for us. In searching for answers, humanity is taking upon itself a greater risk, but may never yet discover how our Earth is far more unique and far more rarer still with the abundance of life upon our planet Earth……remember…..searching now in the universe, is actually searching and seeing into the past, so what was then, may NOT be what is seen there now…’s in the PAST…..LIGHT YEARS away, NOT the present….whatever life may have been there, may now be extinct or blown away, ether by natural disasters or by themselves. Looking for life in the universe is like looking for a needle in a haystack and if found, regrets may also surface. Humanity is NOT ready to take that plunge into that discovery, and may never be with its egotistical values, attitudes, behaviors, hatred towards others, and the destructive nature with our own planet, all being the predominant issues to overcome.

  16. I have also read that the wow event turned out to be a satellite in orbit around the earth.0

  17. If that graph was original and a product of the radio transmission there should have been a large spike against the backround noise, called a cascade effect. This is an indicator of an event other than a natural celestial object.