SpaceX Starship Ship 24 Begins Testing, Booster 7 Has Engines Removed, JWST World Records, Starlink

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Another action-filled episode is upon us! Lots to discuss once again – SpaceX are building a third launch complex for Starship, Ship 24 sails through initial tests, Booster 7 has a significant number of engines removed, and some speculation is made regarding the potential ban on SpaceX catching things with the launch tower at launchpad 39A.
Further to all of this, China launched a new space station module, we saw 2 Starlink launches atop the trusty Falcon 9, and The James Webb Space Telescope captures the oldest galaxy ever photographed, just 300 million years after the big bang! All of this and more in today’s episode of Space This Week!

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  1. Booster 7 will fly, after repairs. All 6 engines of S24 will be static fired – simultaneously. Just two predictions. =)

  2. Elon did say that the Starship version with 9 Raptors (6 vacuum, 3 surface level) would have a TWR greater than 1 at the surface, allowing aborts to happen at any point in the flight.

  3. Nah its abort system is the outside falls apart and people jump out (Matt Lowne KSP livestream recap video reference if u dont know)

  4. Here's a question. You have a booster that's been damaged at least twice, twice we know of, you have a brand new booster updated booster just a short time from being completed, what does logic say. SpaceX needs to take a lesson from their past, learn to fly first, learn to land in the same fashion as Falcon -Nine, once you have that information in your back pocket and things become routine, then become fancy.

  5. When you talk about early universe objects like the galaxy, and you say it is only 300 million years old… and that we may be able to see even further back… do those time stamps account for time dilation due to mass or is that negligible by that time? Is it even a factor or had the universe expanded enough already by that point for it not to be an issue?

  6. You know what I think? I think they’re going to have one tower for launching and one tower for catching

    … Annnnd he’s already thought of it LOL

  7. Vaccuum engines dont gimbal. Wouldnt Raptor engines be necessary for manouevers in space for large control manouevers?

  8. After thinking about this for months now and what Elon said at the beginning of Starship the tower and catch arms make no sense to me. at the start they talked about flying starship around the world, how are you going to do that? you would need almost full facilities in every location, I don't see that happening at all, on the Moon I could see starship landing and taking off only if it had a landing system.
    The booster on earth is a big problem, the landing system, stacking system and the amount of fuel they both consume is ok for experimental research but that is all.
    When we have the knowledge then we will be ready to go but not yet,

  9. I have a question about peering back in time, as its absolutely fascinating that we can do that, but when will we reach a limit into how far back we can look at the big bang?
    I assume, without FTL tech, we will never see the light from the big bang as it has already passed us, so we rely on galaxies that are moving 180 deg away from us to send light back from an earlier point in time. Mass cannot approach the speed of light (without weird stuff happening afaik) so both Earth and the galaxies we observe are at sub-light speeds moving away from the big bang origin.
    Unless our combined velocity is above that of the speed of light, surely there will reach a point where the observing galaxy would need to be at a velocity higher than it could sustain to emit light from an earlier point in time, meaning there will forever be a chronological barrier that we cannot peer through when observing the big bang?
    I don't know if we know our velocity from the origin point, if we know where that point was, and what things could have happened to alter the velocity of either galaxy over time, so I doubt we'll have a concrete answer, but if would be interesting to know how far back we physically can look.

  10. The Milky Way is about 13.7 billion years old which is about the age of the universe itself. Not sure if it's one of the oldest or not?

  11. There has been a rumor that SpaceX wants to build a pad where 39C was once planned. That makes the most sense to me for the 3rd launch tower. If explosions are such a big concern, just build a new pad somewhere else.

    Also, "the next satellite needs to be sent at a somewhat different trajectory" is so beautifully understated.

  12. If they build a second tower, I would guess they build it next to the falcon landing pads. They already lease those and there is plenty of room. I think it would be smart to have a second tower for catching for now. It’s going to be a while until they need the multiple launches a day cadence that requires catching and placing directly back on the pad

  13. Enjoying your channel and very much thank you for not putting clickbait in the title. A quick calculation shows starship able to gain altitude with 6 raptors and full fuel at 1300 tons (and of course depending on if in a vacuum or atmosphere) SpaceX should have 1380 tons of thrust on hand. That would mean that Starship could make a getaway from super heavy if it had to on the strength of its own thrust. The original acceleration would not be much but still could get it out of trouble if it had to, and of course, it could manoeuvre to a flight path out of the way of a malfunctioning super heavy much more easily than simple flying straight up. If Starship were to have to change course to a horizontal flight it should have tremendous manoeuvring potential. Scratch calculation indicates that it could travel hundreds perhaps thousands of miles on its own power. The real question is could it clear the superheavy quickly enough to not be damaged.
    Next up here, I do think highly of SpaceX building another launch/landing tower and near launch pad 34 would be a good location. They would be using the launch tower at 34 even if they wanted to since they need a much larger beast of a tower to catch a Starship or superheavy anyway. Probably the most important question would be the nature of the soil at that point and if SpaceX can build that structure at that location.

  14. I think your spot-on regarding the KSC towers…these are for lifting only. SLC 40 @ USSFS is scheduled to be upgraded to human flight in 2023. Possibly the "catching" tower goes there. Proposed LC 49 @KSC is also under review.
    The robust structure @39A is well located to be the central deluge system for both towers. Keep in mind that 39A needs to store 2 different fuels plus the LOX.

    Lots going on here in FL.
    Great work Matt!

  15. Stick to KSP, there’s enough people who are actually on the ground at boca to report accurately.

  16. Hey Matt! can you give me a one-on-one KSP Lesson? You can make it a video if u want! I'd watch it. I love ur content so much!

  17. Man i knew russian space program was having some trouble lately but i didn't think it was so bad that they need to throw cube sat into orbit by hand

  18. Is it just me or does this chap doing the commentary sound like Stewie from Family guy? 🙂

  19. I think Starship is going to be way too heavy with full fuel load, even with 6 engines, to move substantially away from an exploding booster at the pad. But once it's moving a bit, as long at you can ensure the booster can cut it's thrust instantly it could work. And then the return to lansing would be something like the SN8-SN15 tests…up a bit to hover there until fule remaining is just right for landing, would be a scary 5+min.

    Personally I think it, should be, a long time before we see the standard Starship designs flying people. Most probably we'll see uncrewed starships taking off and docking with other manned system that have proper launch abort.

    Personally I would be going for an interrim passenger module and Starship mod that has a more traditinoal launch escape system, but carried as a payload inside cargo space in some form of modded Starship that can somehow let it it go on it's own way when required. This could maybe be acheived by putting a modded Dragon Crew capsule inside the payload space of Starship in such a way that it is able to blow off some panel on the top and GTFO.

  20. KSC Starbase towers: 1 for stacking (short chop sticks)
    Tower 2, stack/ launch/ land

    That's my speculation why a 2nd tower is being built at the cape in Florida.

  21. I wonder if they could use KSC as an initial booster launch and catch them on the barges at sea as a means of transportation to barges for eventual launches

  22. Yes they have to fire all of them, how many engines are gonna light at t + 2:45 at stage seperation, I think all 6 or maybe just the vacuum ones. It will be about 70 km in the atmosphere or more.

  23. Deploying a satellite by hand just for it to instantly smash into your solar panels sounds like such a kerbal thing 😂

  24. Look like Mars mission is another 30 years away for Starship like nuclear fusion that we been waiting for.