Crush Test! SpaceX trying to find limit of B7.1. New Ship 28 Parts sighted at Starbase! | WAI NC

SpaceX is Testing B7.1 & Ship 24! New Parts for Ship 28 sighted!

A series of uncommented videos directly from the lens of our photographer Chief at SpaceX’s Starbase, TX. Only the latest pictures from the Starship construction site!

Production: Felix Schlang
Editing: Jonathan Heuer
Photography: Kevin Randolph

#elonmusk #starship #spacex

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WAI No Comment Episode 106


  1. Thanks for updating the intro. It's less confusing that this isn't a commentary video

  2. If B7.1 was tested to failure did it pass ? and if it didnt then B7 would have to be modified or scrapped ! i say it was a pass

  3. Thats so beautifull. We are now here in the time of building a new era of exploring thats so fantastic