SpaceX is building a new Massive factory in Florida, shocking Blue Origin and other companies

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SpaceX Starship SN
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SpaceX is building a new Massive factory in Florida, shocking Blue Origin and other companies
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SpaceX is working on Starship, a fully-reusable vehicle capable of performing long-duration voyages to Mars, towards transforming humans into multi-planet species.
Not only is the company taking on the challenge of developing a fully-reusable interplanetary launch vehicle but it is also creating a production system at the Starbase factory located in Boca Chica Beach, Texas, to manufacture hundreds of Starships within the next 10 years.
That’s why SpaceX is heading to building more and more Starship factories!
One of them is located in Florida, which, according to many, will replace Starbase as Gateway to Mars!
What will the factory look like?
What is the current construction progress?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Musk believes it is important to have a high production rate because it enables engineers to move on rapidly to test the next prototype after a failure.
“If you have a high production rate, you can have a lot of iterations. You can try lots of different things.”
“So, that’s why, you know, one of my catchphrases is, “a high production rate, solves many ills.”
Thus, Musk applied the well-worth lessons learned from Tesla’s assembly line to his space company.
Two and a half years since the first time Musk shared a photo of the first Starship, SpaceX has so far built Starship serial number 28 and Super Heavy Booster serial number 10.
SpaceX is building a new Massive factory in Florida, shocking Blue Origin and other companies
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  1. Is the SLS fully expendable? Won't they parachute the 2 solid rocket boosters to the ocean and refurbish them like they did for the Space Shuttle?

  2. Then Louisiana back to the French and Texas back to Mexico. THEN Europe back to the Neanderthals and Africa back to Homo Erectus.

  3. Remember this is with 12,000 employees. Imagine if spacex had as many as tesla (100k)

  4. I'm curious whats going on with the shorten chopsticks.
    They're stubbier than the the originals. I do wonder if their only going to be used for lifting only for this location on the cape. They've already have parts for for ANOTHER Launch/Catch Tower at the build site at Rogers Road. NASA is still highly concern about the Booster having fatal landing. I hope I'm wrong them only using the current tower they have in Florida as launch site. They'd need to rush get the other location done if the landing over there by time Florida tower is finished. That or the oil rigs will be doing the catching until then. If their done.

  5. SpaceX don't have a single working prototype yet and they're already making a lot of untested rockets, what a ridiculous waste of resources. People will not fly to Mars until at least 2040-2050, this requires too many resources and the use of new technologies.

  6. Musk estimated 1000 Starships to get to and build a Mars colony. At 1 ship a month, it will take almost 84 years to build Space X's fleet of Starships.

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