Long March uncontrolled reentry again! PLUS, a new space habitat designed for SpaceX Starship!

The latest module for China’s Space Station has been deployed as planned. Unfortunately, it seems that an uncontrolled reentry for the Long March rocket was also planned for this mission. Is anyone at risk? And, on a happier note, I have some new information on a revolutionary space habitat designed to be used with Starship!
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Mars Lab from Saga Space Architects!


  1. First, why do we need so many habitats to fit on a Starship when 20 astronauts could live on board a Starship comfortably? If we just wait until a Human Rated Starship is ready to take people to space, it could be a full-service vehicle? The Starship could carry 20 astronauts into orbit, and refuel as many times as needed to get to the Moon in a timely manner. Land, with plenty of space for 20 scientists to live, run experiments, and fly to other locations to run experiments. The Starship then could fly to a Tank Farm on the Lunar surface to refuel and take off. The Starship would have enough fuel to ease its way to a Fuel Tanker in LEO to refuel and land back on Earth.

    Okay, so why would anyone think of having separate habitats that a cargo Starship could carry more than 20 to the Moon or Mars. Future Starships would unload the scientists and astronauts at the locations where the inflated habitats are set up to run experiments. While experiments are being run at different locations on the Lunar Surface the Starship could be ferrying people around the Moon and back to Earth.

    Don’t forget to watch The Angry Astronaut telling us how impressive these habitats are… Oh right, be sure to listen closely to his complaints about China’s space ventures?


  2. If hasn't yet been made abundantly clear to everyone as yet, China doesn't give a [email protected]#$ about the world at large or anybody else thereon, including it's own population. They just arrogantly do whatever they want to do regardless of the immediate or long term consequences.

  3. If the habitat is meant for long term stay (>6 months), then it doesn't address 2 major problems: lunar dust and cosmic radiation. Both have detrimental effects on human health.

  4. China, like Russia who blew up a satellite causing all sorts of issues, don’t give a sh*t what anyone else thinks. Who’s going to hold them accountable?

  5. These habitats are clearly not all finished products but rather mockups. Not even engineering mockups. I'd like to see one of those frames fully sealed with the bagging and take 1 atmosphere of internal pressure. They don't look up to it in this form. BTW, the ball joint at 9:45 is poor and would not take the internal pressure. What does the team say about some real engineering design?

    So they have made some demos to garner financial support, and good on them. I hope they are up to delivering the real thing.

  6. The Chinese give us ample reasons to hate them, and when we do hate them, they act surprised.

  7. Will the ISS has a control re-entry at the end of life? I remembered Mir and Skylab didnt and these are much much larger .

  8. Yep I was a believer until I saw the mars habitat. It’s just a tent flapping in the breeze. How is that meant to hold a 14 psi atmosphere inside? Is it just a mock up? If it is then how does the folding work since the arms twist and the joint moves what happens to the wall panels?

  9. Oiiii… ABS is not a good material for space environments. It is very vulnerable to UV (to the point it needs UV absorbing pigments to be used on Earth. It also gets super brittle below -20C and basically falls apart above 80C, both of which is true on the surface of the moon.. often at the same time.

    Yea, the concept is nice. I don't think it'll be as lightweight or as easy to pack in when made actually space-worthy, though.

  10. It is sad when the western media with their false narrative keep finger pointing at China for the debris left in space. Up to 40 out of 49 SpaceX new Starlink satellites are falling out of orbit in February 2022. The satellites that can't maintain orbit will burn up as they reenter Earth's atmosphere and some will land on earth. Any spacecraft send into space will leave behind all the space debris. In 2009, the US satellite in an unprecedented collision with a spent Russian satellite leave behind more than thousand pieces of debris in earth orbit. Outdated spacecraft, rocket and other components break in space every year. Not only that, the US deliberately destroyed 30 orbiting satellites to test its space weaponry leaving behind thousand and thousand of space debris thereby endangering human lives in space as well as on earth. SpaceX rocket disintegrated over the Pacific with the debris landed in a Washington state farm. Skylab disintegrated in 1979 and the debris scattered on Western Australia. Whether you are in space or on earth, space debris is an issue. If the ISS collided with a spent satellite (space debris), that would be a catastrophe. Space debris in earth orbit will plunge back to Earth due to gravity and most of it will burn up on re-entry but not all of them. Yes, space debris threatens interests of all nations. Outdated spacecraft, rocket and other components break in space every year. Not only that, the US deliberately destroyed 30 orbiting satellites just to test its anti-satellite weapon (or ASAT). The US must be accountable for the debris left behind by its anti- satellite weapon shooting and destroyed 30 orbiting satellites and it is still in earth orbit. Isn't it sad that the US is the main culprit for all the sad state of affairs but instead making a deliberate attempt to blame it on other country.

  11. The CCP gives zero F’s if they drop a rocket booster on a village or a city, and even less if they drop one on a natural habitat that simply doesn’t have any humans. Life means absolutely nothing to them, as demonstrated by their disregard for ANY time they have a catastrophic failure of a rocket, and their propensity for using the most toxic of propellants, that being Red Fuming Nitric Acid. Who cares if it harms the people handling it, or the natural habitats it harms when the rockets fail? Certainly not the CCP.

  12. Go get ‘em Jordan. China is an evil government and an evil society. 10% of the population is fed sewer oil. Babies are fed poison. Tourists are fed paper. Foreigners are sent fake healthcare products. Prisoners are farmed for their organs. It’s a satanic communist regime and needs to be destroyed by an act of God for his glory , their souls, and our safety.

  13. Seems to me we should not want them to be able to bring them down precisely. Because that is a weapon if you use it as one?…. Or oops we did not mean to drop that on Kiev, California, exc…..

  14. We need to "accidentally" release a large tool that'll end up taking out the commie space station!

  15. The Moon undergoes a complete day and night cycle every month, not constant dark or constant Sun.

  16. I still think using regolith is the best option, your building material is all around you

  17. It will probably take debris crashing into some non-Chinese populated area, and threats by those countries, to get them to stop this nonsense.

  18. SAGA. I remember them from my college cafeteria experience. South American Garbage Association.

  19. cool design, but let's be honest: the first people to arrive will just live inside their ship.

  20. Don't prefer the various habitats. There's a simpler form that would be easier to work with.

  21. A starship with the ability to disconnect the engine section once in orbit could then be connected end to end together with a bunch more starship sections into a giant ring or wheel shaped space station. Make a universal connector piece and a “T” connection so the starship wheel can have starship spokes. If starship takes off and works like Elon plans there will be many many many starships produced…. I think we need to start thinking about starship more as building blocks you can very cheaply put in orbit. Or building blocks for the eventual colonization of
    Mars. In fact an entire infrastructure of
    Systems could be developed to robotically manipulate structures around starship/move starship and specialty equipment like something that could just plug anywhere into the side and makes an Instant airlock.

  22. That Chinese core stage would make a great wetlab by boosting it. Would need a docking port and a cargo stage to reboost

  23. China is in the process of securing the high ground. Others won't be tolerated in the end.