S24 Raptor Testing Continues – Starbase Weekly Update Episode 20

In another exciting week for LabPadre we’re pleased to review construction at SpaceX’s facilities in South Texas, testing of Ship 24, the destruction of test tank B7.1, Falcon 9 support and processing activities at Port Canaveral, the static fire test of the SLS solid rocket booster out in Utah, and a new batch of flyover photos from Cape Canaveral.

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Special thanks to:
Audio/Video Editor: Lucid
Cape Canaveral Photos: Greg Scott
SLS Video: Thomaseo1
Clip Capture Bot: Arc
Clip Identification: Oskar Wróbel, Anomalia Starship 2022, archfan7411, WLAnimal, azatht, mouser58907, Thomaseo1, Elizabeth Eliza Schuyler, MLGPure, FkGaming
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  1. I wonder why the Mechzilla arms are so short? They possibly only going to be used as a lifting arm vs landing? Since NASA paranoid about disaster with Booster landing?

  2. A very comprehensive episode, one of your best to date. Thanks Louis, enjoyed these so much 👍

  3. I love your format, moving through the week & pulling the significant portions out of your live-feed cameras. Thanks so much for pulling this all together!

  4. Thanks Lab! Never fails to amaze me how much of a reminder these are to what we have actually seen each week!

  5. I've not been keeping up well lately with other things going on. So, any ideas as to when the first orbital test of Starship is gonna happen?

  6. Hey just wanted to say your weekly updates are getting much better. Thanks for all imagery and your informed comments. 👍

  7. It's really interesting that Blue Origin didn't plan a competitor to Falcon 9. The specs for New Glen are better than or similar to Falcon Heavy. What is weird is that as a businessman that established a commercial rocket company prior to SpaceX wouldn't have anticipated Falcon 9 and worked to compete with it. Huge mistake!

  8. Thanks again for rockin it Boss, as usual. Seriously, I love the other guys/gals out there doing their part (Paul/NSF/Jess…ect…) but they just don't have "It". (Sorry/Not Sorry <grin>. Special thanks to Greg Scott as well. The man has Skeelz 🙂