Soon! New Important Update On SpaceX's Orbital Launch Tower 2 At KSC, China's Rocket Falling Again

For the last two months, SpaceX has been making huge progress on Orbital launch integration tower 2 at NASA Kennedy. This is the latest image of construction at KSC by SpaceX. The assembly of the chopstick arms has been almost finished. And the next step is that they will just take those pre-assembled parts and fit them directly onto the tower. 5 sections of the Launch tower have been constructed. Currently, SpaceX has finished stacking 4 segments out of 9 and the remaining ones will go atop in the coming weeks.

China has once again opted to let a huge rocket stage fall back to Earth on its own. The decision, the third time the country has opted not to control the disposal of the first stage of the Long March 5B rocket, once again puts China under scrutiny from space debris trackers after similar uncontrolled falls in 2020 and 2021.


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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – KSC Progress
1:08 – Falcon Heavy &NASA
5:54 – SLS Production Transfer
6:12 – Relativity Space Spin-Start Test
6:25 – China Rocket Debris Falling!
8:20 – Outro


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  1. It is a strange piece of silly cold war thinking to ban NASA from working with China at all. Obviously, a case can be made not to share military secrets (or knowledge directly related). However, most of the policies affect only material that is available to everybody. With Russia dropping out of the economic and scientific sharing world it would be a good idea to begin getting along a little better with China. Our current system seems to be that we will send them buckets of money for stuff we buy but otherwise spend our time saber rattling. We will need to get back to working with Russia and we need to start working with China.

  2. I remembered MIR and Skylab uncontrolled fall back to earth. They are much bigger. Wait till ISS end of life uncontrolled re-entry

  3. China claims it’s working on reusable rockets, but can’t even control disposable ones by crashing them randomly any part of the earth and with some parts left orbiting forever.

    I think China is decades away from developing reusable rockets, and by that time, the US would have bases on the moon and a large city on Mars.

  4. If Roman is anything like Hubble it will need glasses ?. Being its a super secret thingy, has anyone been able to check its focus, a million miles in space makes it impossible to fix.

  5. I'm getting Beau Billingslea vibes from the voice and it's perfect for space wrangling.👨‍🚀🤠

  6. I’m literally sick of waiting now the suspense is killing me.. just light these candles!! 🚀🚀🚀

  7. Why does it seem everyone keeps bashing Falcon Heavy about the delays? Last I heard it is all issues with the payloads not the fault of the rocket