SpaceX's Florida Starship Tower Reaches New Heights

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The Starship Launch Tower at Pad 39A is halfway complete, a New Glenn 2nd Stage tank was spotted at Blue Origin’s LC-36, and the Starship Factory at Roberts Road begins to rise.

Video and Pictures from Stephen (@spacecoast_stve), Julia (@julia_bergeron), and Thomas (@TGMetsFan98). Narrated and Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer). Script by Alejandro (@Alexphysics13) and Justin (@OGNovuh).

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  1. SLS will definitely launch first. Will just be happy if starship launches in 2022 at all 🤞🤞🙏🙏😖

  2. SLS, unless something else happens, will launch first. They only have how many years lead on SpaceX, even with the basic screw and unscrew the same screw for a year so you make more money, work rate and time tables. However, SLS is dead on the launch mount with no chance of competing once Starship is flying. SLS is a dinosaur that hasn't realized it's already extinct!

  3. I was on the bus tour at the time the video came out and I realized when we passed the Roberts Road Site it looked like beams for the factory are there and when we went to 39A the 4th segment was stacked. Cool times.

  4. Hi Stephen marr and nasa space flight that was amazing video of space x and the space industry they seem to be doing well on all there builds David 🚀🇬🇧❤️🙏👍

  5. SLS better launches before Starship. They've been working on it since the beginning of space and time!

  6. SLS is a money pit compared to Starship, if it's going to fail it's going to be a grand money pit 😂 I mean I have more hope in young Starship than the "old" SLS and this tell's a lot lol

  7. The only people concerned about SLS launching first are the army of lobbyists and bought politicians trying to justify such an obscene waste of money. Taking worst case scenario – if lunar Starship needs 10 launches to refuel and you multiply Elons projected cost of 2M dollars by 10 this gives 220M dollars for 100tonnes to lunar orbit. One launch of SLS is projected to cost 1billion dollars to get a crew capsule to orbit. Anyone with more than two brain cells (so leave out politicians) would cancel SLS in a heartbeat. The Chinese must be laughing their socks off over this American love of antique obsolete tech.

  8. Hi @nasaspaceflight, in a new future Will you create a cape canaveral 24/7 live for the starship update?

  9. I wish yall would put like, This is the news of the week i only watch the videos yall talk in and it takes forever to find them lol. Thanks for the content

  10. If SLS is going to launch at the end of August then I think it definitely will beat Starship…….
    ..I don't mind if Starship takes a while longer…… I'm sure it will be worth the wait….
    Everyone at STARBASE should be SO proud of themselves.

  11. The Giant Tank, I'm guessing, could be an explosion shield structure for the existing falcon launch tower. It could probably also double as a functional water tower.

  12. I’ll be honest as soon as you guys start talking about blue origins progress I turn this off 😆 It’s just like pathetically slow the progress no offense to them it’s just boring

  13. Where, in Florida, will the StarShips be assembled? They obviously will not transport them from Boca Chica
    And by the way, with the long headstart that SLS has had, it should not be a surprise if they do launch before StarShip, but that is nothing to worry about either because once StarShips go into regular operations, all other rockets will become obsolete

  14. If B7 rolls to the pad within a week, then Starship launches first. Otherwise it’s SLS race to lose

  15. NASA should just give SLS launch pad to SpaceX and let that undeveloped launch pad sit in the plans book for the future. Let's be honest SLS is just a NASA project to keep competition artificially alive.

  16. Lol it drives me nuts every time one of you says "I'll refrain from speculating". Why do you think we watch your coverage, if not for (informed) speculation?

  17. Love these videos and the content within them. I wonder if perhaps a weekly round-up video featuring work from Boca Chica and other sites would be good too? As to SLS vs Starship launching first… There's Launch (with failure) and Launch (with success). The more vehicles the better in my opinion, the more choice offered to people doing Space things the better, but if it was me, I'd be putting my money behind SpaceX.

  18. The first tower might be for launches only, no catching. Parts arrived for a second Florida tower, which may be a dedicated landing tower with no OLM.

  19. Incredible. Just incredible. It's as if the space age is starting all over again.

  20. Starship could potentially be used to assemble a manned interstellar spacecraft one day!

  21. When I watch these building progress, I wonder about the workers. Namely where do they live? Is there housing nearby? The Texas location especially. I’d imagine SpaceX employees w special skills are needed for both locations. So much progress and so fast.