It's official, Russia says it will leave the ISS after 2024

The Russian Space Agency just keeps making headlines as we now know it plans to pull out of the ISS in 2024. Hi! I am now …


  1. Commercial space stations are the long-term solution; the problem is that they are years away yet. International cooperation was a political showcase using the ISS, and now it has political cracks in it. My take: try to gracefully decommission the ISS, and then funnel the operating funds to private space station development. The ISS is beyond its life expectancy anyhow, and full of antiquated computer & other equipment.

  2. It's about time Russia came out. They've been battering the closet door for so long!

  3. It is funny that they want to pull out just when they are no longer necessary. Maybe because they will not earn money on the ISS program as they did until recently (NASA and ESA used to pay them for transporting astronauts and cargo).

  4. NASA says they have not heard "officially" from ROSCOSMOS, so I guess, it is not official?

  5. The reason US is successful is because many foreigner invest in US. If people start leaving and invest there money on other countries US will suffer alot. Russia is doing exactly that.

  6. The prof is wrong. There is no need to increase cooperation with Russia on the ISS. It is a stab in the back for the Ukrainian people. Putin has also threatened to use nuclear weapons against the West on numerous occasions now. We must do all we can to diminish Putin and degrade Russia’s capabilities. The prof needs to wake up and live in the real world.

  7. Zee? Don’t you mean Zed? And get a haircut man. You look like an old woman, who needs a haircut. 🤣

  8. America's flying-broomsticks a win. Russia's invasion of Ukraine AND a space program just cuts their ability to make bombs and kill civilians of their former republic.

  9. The ISS has done a fantastic job of advancing understanding of human/space knowledge but it is definitely getting up to if not already past its sell by date. As with so much related to space, it is all about the $$$$. Unless some other nation wants to pick up the funding Russia will drop it will be much more cost effective to de-orbit than to shoulder all the costs of re-boosting and mainteneance etc.
    Isn't Blue Origin panting at the idea of putting up their space station colony? Maybe now is the time to get stuff off the drawing board.
    I definitely don't think SpaceX should have more than a hardware supplier role in a future Space Station adventure as there is already an enormity of problems to solve with Starship Mars projects.

  10. I see this as more Putin's regime pulling out of the ISS rather than Russia or Russians.
    Personally I would prefer to see the whole world working together on space exploration rather than as separate countries or groups of countries.

  11. The whole thing will fall apart when the US dollar fails. The WEF collapse of the US is going ahead and the cost is the thing that stops the project.

  12. If I were Nasa and SpaceX I would watch the Russian cosmonauts like a hawk. Stealing designs would be old style Russian progress.

  13. Ellie, you need to interview the private space station people like Axiom. They are dependent on ISS for their first module. What happens if there no ISS?

  14. Its not a big deal really! Just undock the Russian segment and be done with it. The rest of the countries do not need the Russians. Please do not reply to this telling me only Russia can boost the ISS's orbit, its just not true. Research first, then respond.

  15. It had to happen…Illustrates well the problem with giving the power of an entire country to an autocrat. That kind of pull is going to mess up your mind sooner or later, and that’s exactly what has happened with sad old Vlad. So, Russia is out. I say good riddance. I’m sure most the world agrees with me, that the man “in charge” poses a horrible risk. The alarming rhetoric went something like: We will use the space station for war games if we feel like it. (Ok, I paraphrased that to the edge of hyperbolic, but, I swear that was the message I was getting)
    I have a feeling Russia’s days on that station were already numbered.
    Rightly so.

  16. Good video, but the audio mix is very bad. I think you need to separate audio tracks and add them to the video individually. If you figure it out, send some notes to Angry Astronaut, he has these problems too.

  17. if starship works out to even 20% of it potential, then what a space station means in the not too distant future will be completely redefined. I mean a mere 10 launches a year at 1 billion dollars for 1000 tonnes of kit means, some sort of mega station could be quite reasonably be built and expanded that's like 2 and a half ISS in mass every year for some conservative construction objective….

  18. What will happen is NASA will use a Starship as a space station it is as large as the current ISS and will be an incredibly cheap option.