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Both Nasa and spacex have now teamed up for their quest of colonization of mars.
Currently Nasa and spacex are leading this industry.
Their recent discoveries are just mind blowing and will most definitely change the trajectory of mars exploration.

Mars,often referred to as the red planet, is the second-smallest planet in the solar system, larger than only mercury. It is the fourth planet from the Sun just after our very own planet Earth, which stands third!

The minimum distance between earth and mars as per NASA is about 54.6 million kilometers!
It is estimated that humans will set foot on mars by mid 2030’s.
Just the thought of reaching mars is inconceivable as well as intimidating.

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  8. we need to start dumping trash on mars I know it sounds ludicrous but that way they will have access to scrap metal, plastic, bolts, nuts, nails, lumber, etc… plus the trash dumped will emit small traces of oxygen into the atmosphere. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure well on mars that trash would be GOLD!

    You are not gonna find another hardware store or a lowes for a few miles down the space road if you feel me! Gas prices here in Tulsa OK which we are a major Oil state here in the United States and even we are sitting at $4 a gallon right now! imagine the gas from mars to earth to pick up a few bolts, 2ft of PVC pipe, and a 2x4x8ft long, board… and I would say a cheeseburger from Mcdonald's but we all know that will be the first sign you see on mars pop up is the golden arches bahahahahaha

    secondly, they need at least three space stations, an earth space station which we have now! a halfway station and a mars space station… this would help establish a transport super highway for a safer trip back and forth and make emergency issues i tiny bit smaller God willing… clearly the more hubs aka space stations you have the potentially safer it will be so instead of waiting for 6 months for the assistance you will only be out two months if one crew is unable to make the full trip instead of turning round they can catch another ride back at a midway hub etc.