It happened!! China's most modern fully reusable rocket in the world, humiliating Elon and SpaceX

It happened!! China’s most modern fully reusable rocket in the world, humiliating Elon and SpaceX Huge thanks to: Evan Karen: …


  1. Bats fly they have wings and fly blind with sound guidance?? Bats cannot be said to have stolen the idea of flight from birds. Mans steps to any goal will eventually home on on the best easiest solution? thus looking closely alike to other attempts? watching scrutinising what others do and achieve and also fail brings betterment in all fields for all people? except the pursuit of warfare that is detrimental to all future people and children

  2. musk made a big mistake by getting political. china shut down his factory and accuse his cars of spying. musk might be gone from china if he is not careful.

  3. I have no respect for the clickbait nature of the thumbnail and title of this video. No humiliation here, the content is not reflected in the title.

  4. Thanks! Followers are always behind! I love that! – China/Russia is neck-in-neck! We need NASA and SpaceX success! Chinese already have a powerful heavy-lifter. And we beg European and Russian rockets, stronger than ours. We built the strongest, F-1 to the moon. Why then forget it and only use smaller rockets since? Why beg Russians for their stronger rockets since? Why wait 15 years for the Shuttle? Half a generation wait for 3/4th the size of Apollo but only lifted 1/6th the weight and only 250 miles, not the 250,000 miles of Apollo! Where is the strongest F-1? Apollo, lifted 6 times the weight, 250,000 miles! Fastest, farthest of any rocket EVER! Both Shuttle explosions, 14 people dead from external fuel tanks and solid fuel boosters would have been prevented using the Apollo F-1s to lift the Shuttle! No F-1 failures, 65 times proved, 13 flights. 100% successful, most weight lifted, most distance, 250,000 miles. All other rockets lift less and mostly to 250 miles. The F-1 was promised to take us to Mars by 1985. It was quietly retired, even the blueprints lost. After complete success and reliability to the moon! Apollo (3-man) retired and for 60 years, we use old Mercury (1-man) and Gemini (2-man) Titan and Atlas rockets, upgraded. We use the Apollo upper stage J-2, it is the Centaur. And we beg the Russians for their old 1950s rockets stronger than the Gemini, but weaker than the Apollo F-1 that took us to the moon. All other 1960s rockets are still used in America and Russia. Strongest EVER Apollo F-1 forgotten! We put a lot of mass into space. We need every good rocket we have. And the F-1 was our BEST! After silent 15 years replaced by the Shuttle. A weak hydrogen burning rocket with solid rocket boosters (SRBs). Half a generation wait. Why? We had fully developed in 7 years, the 100% reliable, proved, most powerful F-1 that could lift SIX TIMES the weight. The Shuttle, 75% the weight of Apollo, but could only lift 1/6th the weight and up only 250 miles (at 3 times the cost per launch). All F-1 blueprints are missing. Gone! I've worked a government office. They keep everything! In 5 copies! The 5th, last goes to a special place; it can NEVER be lost! F-1 rocket, strongest, telling Russia our nuclear missiles stronger. F-1 forgotten, blueprints gone! If an alien UFO landed we would take it apart and reverse engineer it. Why 60 years, we have not reverse engineered the perfect record, strongest ever F-1s still in museums? They are easily X-rayed and copied. They are mostly plumbing. No. We beg Russians for their weaker than the F-1 rockets and use weaker Mercury and Gemini rockets. Gus Grissom, intended 1st on the moon, 2 weeks before he died in Apollo 1 fire said the Lunar LEM was unsafe. "Staples and taped aluminum foil." NASA officially says the LEM was 3 sheets of kitchen aluminum foil thick. 12/1000th of an inch. The "moon blanket" IS the mylar invention used as Lunar lander walls. Yet a 10,000 lb rocket did not tear it to pieces. Look closely at official hi-def pics of the LEM sitting on the moon. You can see admitted "Scotch tape" holding on external panels. NASA admits using Scotch tape! It saved weight. Temperatures of 250 heat on the moon, but Scotch taped. (Odysee com search Lunar lander or American Moon). Was the Apollo Lunar lander on the moon a time machine!? Some audio questions were answered in 0.9 of a second in official NASA tapes. That is 3 times the speed of light. 2.7 seconds to-from the moon is required (without time-travel). Some NASA questions were answered by moon astronauts 0.9, 1.0 and 1.1 seconds between question and answer. In official NASA tapes. Every country was given a moon rock. The Netherlands tested theirs, it was petrified wood. From earth. Von Braun, NAZI head of moon mission would leave at busiest times to collect meteorites in the Antarctic. Antarctica was once a forest, petrified wood "rocks" are found there to this day along with meteorites, visible in the white snow. The original tapes from the moon landings are gone! We keep the original Constitution and a bell that cracked in 1776, but not record of America and human's historic first trips to the moon! Nor blueprints to the strongest rocket ever built, during Cold War when rocket missiles were vital! James Webb, the head of NASA resigned DAYS before the 1st mission to the moon. Why? Neil Armstrong resigned and was silent all his life. Why? He was shy? Who cares, that was his job! To be the triumphant first on the moon, voice of all of us. Armstrong fully trained, successful on the moon, why not go on other missions like other trained astronauts? No. Retired! Standing next to Clinton-Gore, his anniversary words, "Much that is left undone", "protected by truth's protective layers." Who talks that way? He's admitting they lied! He avoided all anniversary's after! Human eyes see flashes in space. Film does not work beyond earth orbit. Both eyes and film see spots and cloudy patches from X-rays, Cosmic rays and the massive radiation of the Van Allen belts. There was NO thick lead around the moon camera. Nor lead lens! Nor around the film, going through the Van Allen belts twice! The film from the moon is perfect, no spots! As though made in Hollywood. The camera on the moon was thin aluminum. No insulation! Aluminum near INSTANTLY transfers heat or cold! It had no electric heater. -250 temperatures would have cracked and broken the plastic film as it moved through the camera. If it could move in a frozen camera. In sunlight, +250 temperatures would have melted the plastic film inside. The LEM has bright red hypergolic fire and smoke. The same SpaceX uses and Soviet thrusters maneuvering toward the Space Station. Always the flames are visible! You've seen them. Also look at the test films showing massive billowing dark red clouds from it. But on rise from the moon, the video shows no exhaust fire or smoke, not deep red, none. And no LEM thrusters fire as it rotates and aligns to join with the command module above the moon. You must have thruster fire right when the LEM moves left, but none! LEM landing pads in pictures on the moon have no dust in them. There are not even scorch marks under any LEM in moon pics. No craters either. The massive 10,000 lb rocket exhaust would have thrown dust into the pads. And at least left fire scorch marks under it. The LEMs were noisy. The engine more powerful than a jet, inside the LEM with the 2 astronauts. Engine and astronauts separated by thin sheets of aluminum foil. NASA says it was so thin, "You could put your fingers through it." That engine roars and massively vibrates! They couldn't even hear themselves. Yet you never hear anything in their calm, quiet words "from the moon." 1969 was the PEAK sun activity of that 11 year cycle, that could kill people in space. The WORST time to send astronauts! (Protected by 3 sheets of aluminum foil). And one Apollo, the landing site was in the dark when they were scheduled to land. You can check the charts. The LEM cannot land in the dark! And their rules forbade it! Because it would crash in the dark, on rocks or into holes! NASA always checked these details and timed launches to be exactly correct for a landing in the light. Fra Mauro, the landing site was completely in the dark at the scheduled landing time of Apollo 13! They knew they could not land! Before the launch! The sun/moon charts don't lie! Check them. Apollo 13 was totally faked! Another moon trip, video inside Apollo, when supposedly near the moon showed a full big blue earth through the window. That video is labeled by NASA, "Not for Public Showing." But was released. No Apollo moon mission ever left earth orbit! Grandpa lied! Nixon. Nazi Von Braun. 1960s American government. Vietnam. JFK killed by a magic bullet. The moon landings. CIA bs around the world. And more! Youtube hides it, but O d y s e e. com shows much evidence. Search Lunar lander. Or, 'American Moon (English)'. And while we SIT, Communist Chinese with Russians may be the TRUE first human beings to walk on the moon.

  5. Nothing "happened" – but well done Alpha Tech sucking in viewers with that absurd title. Musk is as much of a dick as any other right wing multi-billionaire but it's laughable to imagine he's been "humiliated" by Chinese rockets that – despite the deceptive title – are still ten years behind Starship.

  6. The title of your video is 100% clickbait. 100% false! And 100% crap! This is not the first time you have done this. Im not watching your videos anymore.

  7. How long will China wait before claiming that they came up with and developed reusable rockets first?

  8. 2035 China is no threat to Space X they are a decade and a half behind his companies. In the next couple of decades Space X will have probably come out with many more upgrades to the Starship before China launches their first one .

  9. I just unsubscribed. I cannot stand pro-China propaganda channels. Screw you Alpha Tech! Good bye.

  10. This channel has become a joke. Time to unsubscribe.
    Just look at the title of the video, and compare it to the content.
    Unfortunately this is all this channel has become.

  11. The name of the Chinese rocket should be called”The Long Retreat” since that march was really a retreat to save Mao’s behind.

  12. The first mover advantage spaceX gains from learning all the lessons and accumulating priceless data long before anyone else, surely will dictate if this is an inflection point for the future of space long before alternate players make any noise. If so then SpaceX just like they are doing with starlink should be able to create an infrastructure lead which just compounds their returns/investments long before some new equilibrium allows anyone to feasibly catch up. I'm sure it would all lead to some sort of much grander symbiosis with other industries/actors further rershaping things politically, scientifically and economically….

  13. Clickbait description, SpaceX is “humiliating” Every else, not the other way around.
    Elon will have an office on Mars by 2035!
    Otherwise, good video.