B7.1 Tank Tested | SpaceX Boca Chica

The B7.1 test tank underwent further testing, the Suborbital Pad Booster Adaptor was dismantled, and construction of the Starfactory continued.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal), Nic (@NicAnsuini), and the NSF Robots. Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer).

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0:00 Sunrise
0:35 OLS
1:56 B7.1 Preps
3:40 B7.1 Will you pop? Nope.
5:20 Production Site
7:10 Starfactory
8:05 Rocket Garden etc.


  1. I love the quiet close-ups! Can't stand the speculative commentaries on launches…liken to an NFL/NBA/MLB game…

  2. I just wanna get some coffee and doughnuts and watch the sunrise with BocaChicaGal.

  3. I look at the pad infrastructure (fueling lines etc) and clearances on the orbital launch pad and think when this booster eventually lifts off 30+ raptors are going to leave the pad a smoking ruin.

  4. If water and frost infiltrate the insulating mat behind the tiles , can it freeze and pop them off when in leo ?

  5. C'mon SpaceX, apply the last few heat shield tiles to Ship 24! I know you can do it! Plsssss lol

  6. They should open a restaurant on the top of the mega bay and call it "The Orbital Lunch Site".

  7. 8:45 – The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey should be playing during this part of the video as the camera moves up.

  8. THank you Mary and NSF team for sharing this wonderful footage with us. wondering what the new white tank is for now . LOoks like they are clearing out the pad with old test stands to save them from the fury of 33 raptors. Definitely the mega bay is getting floor space uptop, why else would they pour concrete. Really hope that the space agency ISRO from my native country learns a thing or two from the spaceX progress and methods .

  9. So we have a booster 7.1 .
    Any news on the cause of the tank farm fire that broke out after the explosion of booster 7.0?
    Or has Elon decided that doesn't concern us?

  10. Marys shots were great in this vid! The editor was very creative, Keep moving forward!