LIVE: SpaceX Rolls Out Fifth Starship Tower Section at Kennedy Space Center

SpaceX is rolling out the fifth Starship launch tower section to Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The tower segments are fabricated at the Roberts Rd. production site before being transported to the launch site.

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  1. Stop talking about bacon. The animal abuse in the meat production industry is not funny. Talk about lab grown meat.

  2. Jack can you stick one of NSF's stickers on Alex's forehead so i can see what it would look like on my littlle brothers forehead, please…??

  3. The idea that SpaceX will use one tower for stacking and another tower for launching goes against SpaceX's plan for rapid reuse. The only way to have rapid reuse of multiple flights a day is to have the stacking tower also catch them…

  4. NASA, we need 10 years to build our own tower. It’s impossible to create a launch tower in 6 months!

  5. Using a different gantry to catch the boosters and starships makes great sense. Has thought been given to design of a more optimal method? An elevated "basket" perhaps . . .

  6. Seriously, 15k views for a piece of metal, be it as big as it is, rolling on a street? Come ooooon

  7. Thank you to the NSF team! Great coverage as always! Any word on the potential 3rd tower in Florida?