Elon Musk JUST GOT EXPOSED By Spacex Employees!

Elon Musk JUST GOT EXPOSED By Spacex Employees!

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From building rockets in order to reach and colonize mars to making tesla cars move into space, Elon musk has got it all covered. With the goal of reaching mars as soon as possible and to make energy sustainably on our planet earth, Elon’s team has been doing wonders and have been giving their best in order to improve everyday. But their recent reports have something very different to say..

Elon musk is a multimillionaire who has currently surpassed jeff bezos in terms of net worth. Elon musk is the CEO and founder of the companies like Tesla, spaceX and paypal and has been making consistent contributions to his field.
And recently, he has also taken over one of the world’s largest social media platforms known as twitter. Thus his works make it quite evident that when it comes to doing unbelievable things, Elon Musk is the first name that should come to your mind.

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  1. They should resign if it bothers them. This is absurd political behavior. Of course they made sexual accusations because they dont even have enough creativity to produce a good lie. It's hard to prove a sexual intention so they use it frequently… Mr. MUSK can afford to buy companionship so he doesn't need to assault anyone. You people need to grow up.

  2. CEO’s are free to have social life and Opinions as well, he is a human who feeds people there is value in that even if you don’t agree with him respect the dream do your best to get of off this doomed planet faster.

  3. Jealous people who are employed and ungrateful for their fortune, should be fired, in every work place you always find a few trouble makers, could be from his enemies camp…..and he got many..jealousy gets you know where..doing this behind the bosses back is so cowardly…

  4. Hire and Fire……loyal people that Work Are out there and Ready to Reach for the Stars

  5. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how

  6. Stop gaslighting… if anything….Elon Musk has only proved that he is HUMAN… Don't use the name of SpaceX if you are going to try and trash its CEO….they work for HIM…he doesn't work for THEM… If they don't like it there, they can resign…but if they decide to work there…they work on HIS terms…which they agreed to when they were employed…not on THEIR terms based on 'woke agenda's…

  7. If they think Elon Musk is so terrible why don't they go look for another job somewhere else or start their own company if they have so much talent that they can do that then why don't they get out there and do it be competition to him but I think that a big part of this is they don't agree with his way of doing things so they don't want him there most people don't agree with everything their bosses do or say and what he does and says in public is his business for them to be complaining because the richest man in the worldHas an opinion about the way things should be done is crazy he wouldn't be the richest man in the world if he wasn't the way he is I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that he wanted his people to go back to work and some of it probably has to do with Amber Heard and what's going on with her and him and a lot of it has to do with the government because there are people that are mad about Twitter and there are people that are mad because he speaks his mind about how terrible our country is doing since Joe Biden's been in office even when he has always voted Democrat he realizes that this country is going in the wrong direction and it's bound to be people that don't like that he's speaking his mind because he has a lot of power

  8. Most jobs you have a contract especially jobs like these you have a contract that you have to agree to certain things if you get the job well maybe they need to put it in the contract that there's no activism allowed because that's all it is they were hired to do a job if they want to complain then they should leave if they don't happy at their job they should leave because you need people that are going to focus on the job when the job is as important as it is to SpaceX twitter or Tesla

  9. I think it's absolutely ridiculous the companies that are allowing these woke people I guess that's what they want to call themselves to dictate what is done at a job if they don't like their job they don't like what their employer does then find another job it isn't your place to decide what your boss should should not be doing you're there to do a job do the job otherwise leave and then if you want to complain about him after you leave that's up to you but if you want to work for him then respect him and do your job and earn your paycheck

  10. Oh we know there are going to be all kinds of people come out of the woodwork attacking Elon Musk because of what he has said about voting for Trump or voting Republican and because he expects his employees to work and not stay home and work from home there are a lot of Democrats that work for his company do you think they're going to just sit back and pretend everything's okay they going to accuse him of anything and everything they can think of and the politicians have already been going after him so they probably got people they pay to go after him also I mean it's a hit like they do it on Trump they got to go after him they haven't allowed him to go to the meetings when it comes to electric cars when he's the first person that came up with the electric car they have been after him since he said he was going to take over Twitter and allow free speech on Twitter so anything that is said about him right now needs to be taken with a grain of salt and really investigated before anyone believes any of it

  11. HEY! Did you hear that Elon just exposed his self to Space X employees? (Or something like that)😂

  12. I work 12 hours a day for a fraction (small) fraction of the lowest paid employee at any of Mr. Musk's companies. I would LOVE!! to work at any of Mr.Musk s' companies. Your video suckS!! Do some research B4 you air propaganda!! USA workers are weak feeble-minded, Don't know when they have it good! That's why China is gonna take you out!!