Major New Moon Mission Update!

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0:26 NASA lunar update
3:57 Free return trajectory
7:03 Babbel
8:34 Chinese space lab
11:04 Beyond Webb

Major New Artemis Moon Mission Update – Launch Date and More!

SpaceX News and Updates:

Mars Colonization News and Updates

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  1. We don’t own mars who would give you permission to colonize there earth is not owned by the people of this planet they were made by her why would you invade another planet

  2. Honestly, great video but I wish you didn't slap the Northrop Grumman logo right over the thruster test footage. Overall great video I just had that one thing to say. Thanking you!

  3. Im waiting for the video where Elon actually gets to Mars. Rn it’s all hype from musk 😢

  4. Spewing Chinese propaganda immediately discredits your channel. Fuck you and Fuck China!

  5. Space?! Seriously? Never asked why there's never a camera and always a CGI taking place? Also, no G forces? No pictures of our "planet" (but we can get one from any other… also, no satellites… with 45.000 of them them out there, we should see one now and then when the actor-nauts walk in space… maybe because 99% pf communication goes by underwater cables… wake up, people.

  6. Indeed, China has always been about international cooperation. The space station is but one of many examples. Here are several others:

    o BRI, or Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to help developing countries build their infrastructure and economy.
    o RCEP, or Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the world's largest free trade bloc.
    o BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), an emerging powerful economic alliance.
    o SCO, or Shanghai Cooperation Organization, another powerful alliance.
    o China helped developing countries vaccinate their population as the rich Western nations abandoned them through vaccine hoarding.
    o China is pursuing diplomacy throughout the Middle East rather than bombing the shit out of the region. Recently, she signed a 25-year cooperation deal with Iran.
    o China is negotiating with the Taliban instead of invading and occupying Afghanistan for 20 years.
    o China is trying to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine, countries with whom China has excellent relations. What is USA doing? Sending arms to Ukraine, throwing fuel to the fire and prolonging the war.
    o China hasn't fought a single war since 1979! No other major power has been so peaceful for so long.

    Turn after turn, China has proven her peacefulness and benevolence.

    Another excellent video, by the way.

  7. YUP – The politicians see a guy named Elon putting them in their place, so China and the US have to prove which of THEM has the bigger sword – so to speak… science has n o t h i n g to do with their motives, much less saving taxpayer money – just the size of their, umm, budget. [Michigan]

  8. I totally get why nasa wouldn't want resources but I wouldn't want to use components that anything to do with the space shuttle program. Despite having some stellar accomplishments the shuttle also represents some of the worst accidents in nasa's history.

  9. China has only best intentions, bla bla bla.
    Everything they do in international politics speaks a different language.

  10. Good content, well presented but the advertising was too long! Look, most viewers are in no way interested in what you are advertising so it is just an unwanted interrupt and in this case, a long one.

  11. Hey, awesome video! But can you still mention the units in SI? That would be awesome! Thanks

  12. Why when inducting the NASA Lunar Lander do illustrators use some unknown ship when in fact the ship is well known – it’s the Lunar version of Space X’s Star Ship. NASA has already spent $2.9 billion on this Space X ship. So why the anonymous lunar lander diagram?

  13. Where are the proof of concept experiments on earth ? Especially mars colony Why isnt`falcon refuelled from CO2 from the air like they say they can do on Mars ? Where are the printed up houses and space suits and equipment that can handle the abrasive dust ? It looks to me like one big engineers folly that has momentum so they cannot stop fusion .