Orbit! NASA Claims That SLS Will Reach Orbit Before SpaceX's Starship + Russia's Bad Decision

NASA’s Artemis program has had all sorts of delays since its inception in 2017, but the Artemis I mission finally has set a launch date. If all of the above goes according to plan, NASA teams would be ready to declare either ‘go’ or ‘no go.’ This would be approximately a week before the interim date of Aug. 29. The other two dates, Sept. 2 and 5, are in case of last-minute unfavorable weather conditions. If unsuccessful, NASA would have to postpone to a later launch period. But so far, the hopes are high for the massive rocket and the future of the Artemis mission.

Russia will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024 and focus on building its own orbiting outpost, the country’s new space chief said amid high tensions between Moscow and the West over the fighting in Ukraine. The announcement, while not unexpected, throws into question the future of the 24-year-old space station (ISS), with experts saying it would be extremely difficult — a “nightmare”, by one reckoning — to keep it running without the Russians. Nasa and its partners had hoped to continue operating it until 2030.


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  1. The SLS will make space first if the FAA has anything to say about it. (and they do)

  2. Starship cannot be more reliable than SLS when neither has launched. All Starship has accomplished is an explosion that has disabled its only booster close to being ready to launch. And, only one ship has managed to safely land. SLS is essentially recycling all of its components and they have had a proven record.

  3. It's just the same old business as usual NASA spending our taxpayer dollars to lobby for space junk giant Corporation bailouts

  4. Only thanks to delays caused by another GOVERMENT ANGENCY. But then SpaceX will probably beat SLS/Artemis to the Moon

  5. Its neat to see ISS pass over in the night sky ! it looks slow but its traveling over 17,000 mph

  6. I don't see big deal that SLS is launching first. SLS should have launched 4 years ago. The fact that there was a possibility that Starship could have launched before SLS is embarrassing for NASA.

  7. Of course they are, from the get go NASA/the Government has made sure to delay Starship enough to make sure SpaceX launches after SLS, lest they upstage NASA’s baby… 🙄

  8. So what happens,if it fails to take off,will that keep Space X grounded,it seems like a snob agenda. Over pride,and that comes be for a fall.

  9. The SLS is an absurd project. It is mind-swimmingly expensive per paunch and non-reuseable. The system has no future – even if it reaches orbit. NASA will never have enough money to use it. Let it go to orbit and then can it.

  10. SLS started in 2011, and had massive, federal backing, and multiple legacy companies involved, along with Russian-sourced engines. There's no comparison.

  11. What sucks about this is that once construction was completed, the Space Shuttle was retired and ran with 3 persons until Space X Demo 2. Most of the work during that time was primarily maintenance with such a short staff. The real science has only just begun. NASA was building a propulsion element which it shelved early in ISS development. Perhaps they will take it out of mothballs should the Ruskies pull out.

  12. Well duh! The U.S. government has been delaying SpaceX launch permission through bureaucratic horsecrap for a year at Boca Chica with environmental concerns. Meanwhile at Kennedy Space Center all the thousands of acres of wetland and wildlife exist in peace with a feverish pace of Falcon-9 liftoffs occuring weekly.

  13. It is time for gov. Sponsored space programs to end. Nasa is no longer and has never been cost effective for the taxpayer,it on the other hand, it has been very good to the contractors

  14. It all comes down to cost per launch. While neither SLS or the BFR are functional yet Space X has a phenominal track record with Falcon 9. My money is on them.

  15. Aramis is a cruel joke played out on tax payers by nasa , contractors,and curaint dems.

  16. Great! Even if SLS beat starship at take-off, long-term starship is more reliable and time will prove it

  17. Sure, as long as SpaceX doesn’t give 10% to the “Big Guy”, his FAA will continue to delay!