Things Are Getting Freaky! #nibirusystem #osirisrex #sightings #uap @NASA @SpaceX

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  1. Thank you for an amazing video. You have taught me so much, and I am grateful. God bless you and your family !! Thanks again !!

  2. Some people can see and some cannot,,,but a women is like a rose beautiful to look at and smell good but when you get to close you will have the thorns on the side,,,while the man is a sunflower and follows the light and gives his seed!!!!

  3. Moses crossed the black sea,, and the waters /// (people) came crashing down on the pharoah

  4. He has said,,,I will let them (weeds) grow among the crop and I will harvest the crop, a burn the weed seeds in the fire…

  5. A rose has withered,,and a new sun flower has its pedals beginning to open and follow the light,,,a rose looks pretty and smells good,, but a sunflower follows the light and produces seed!!!!

  6. Jacob,,,watch the waters,,,j Edgar hoover darn ,,but I say ,,,J Edgar hoover fbi is about to break!!!!!

  7. It says EVERY FACE WILL GATHER DARKNESS. We look up and a giant shadow will cross the sun. An unknown object. In the distance It will look like a red dragon….two bright eyes and a long red rusty trail full of dust and meteorites. The people of Niniva could see it coming 40 days out. They repented. Sodom and Gamora didn't repent.

  8. The image we will see, looks to some like a dragon. It has two bright "eyes" And a long red tail which is the train of rusty dust and meteorites. the train is thousands of miles long.. The Red dragon in the Bible? search under Planet 7X. Nasa already has pictures of this. I have a copy someplace. They have to use a infra red telescope to see it. Like the one the Vatican built in America. Nasa has their telescope in Antarctica.

  9. Jacob I know I've said it before, but I love you brother. Truly and sincerely. You are a beacon of love in these otherwise loveless days. I've been really sick the past 48 hours and had 2 nasty crashes on my bike resulting in injuries and bloody messes. Fortunately I've become adept at field triage and improvised first aid over the course of my 2 decades working with dogs and construction.
    (Super glue is a Godsend and should be in everyone's bag, backpack, edc kit whaddeva !!! Just carry a tube, can be had for as low as $1 and can literally stop even heavy bleeding in a matter of seconds.)
    I felt like I was under some sort of spiritual attack. Last night as I was laying in bed with a fever and a BRUTAL headache I was praying and I felt like something or someone was trying to create a barrier between me and The Father, so I prayed to Yeshua as well and still felt like something was trying to stifle my prayers. Thankfully I finally fell asleep and woke up this morning, checked my phone and immediately played your video. Dude, you have an incredible gift and ability to cut right through anything dark and nasty and deliver a loving positive message. I am so grateful for every second, every word, every single video I've ever watched. You have helped me so so much over the last couple of years. Thank you my friend.🙏
    P.s, congratulations on the free BMW !!! God works in mysterious ways 🤣😁

  10. space is fake my bro, Tons of proof of "them" faking space. "And the Final card of the NWO will be the coming,FAKE alien invasion" Wernher Von Braun #ChristWins

  11. One of these days I will be able to catch the live show! Shalom! Lol I know you aren't Jewish brother but you are grafted in, amen?

  12. I think the change started happening in the year of 2012…. A lot has happened during that year for a lot of people….. including me….

  13. Thank you for addressing the sipping of your mug. I've had to leave some of your videos because it just was like nails on a chalkboard for me. I love the material you put out but I just couldn't take it.

  14. We are eternal beings in the eternal now. Everything is connected and has been for 14 billion years.

  15. The Phoenix or double headed Phoenix is a occult symbol that goes back thousands of years and the Phoenix can also actually represent the dragon. China has a fascination with a red dragon, if You look up Chinese history they note a "guest star" they noticed in 1051 ad, and the 1400s, i aldo gathered a bunch of related information in 1 place. I actually did a Documentary on this subject, planet X or revelation 12:3 dragon.

  16. Hello Jacob I'm sorry for your acid reflex and I think I heard you say Chrones? I Can help you with your situation ,I a Health Consultant. For the acid reflex don't eat your protein with carbs,separate them.Take digestive enzymes w/each meal …Message me for the rest.God bless.

  17. Couple months ago i dreamed that the news was talking about "the mysterious double moon visible over salt lake" then I went up on a hill to look at the extra moon, but instead I noticed that there were hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the cities for safety. They were trying to get to high ground. Interesting. Felt like a Given Dream.

  18. I am interested in Jacob's content, but when he just goes on and on with the cutesy stuff I have a really hard time listening. This video was better – less obnoxious. Thanks!:)

  19. The same night the lord gave me a vision of Planet X now I've never heard of it before in my life but I saw it Oh I saw it that very morning I found your Channel the vision the Lord showed me of Planet X it literally comes between our moon and the earth now keep in mind I have never ever heard of it so believe it or not I've been listening to you since 2008 are you kidding me it's been that long already

  20. Ooooooh! It hit me…a few times…nice shot man! The SPIRIT is choosing to speak to the body through your faith…keep connected in HIS mighty name! Stay surrounded by protective hedges….& run your mouth whatever HE tells you…lift up the planet if that's HIS way! Wooot! Thanks again Jacob Israel! Ty JESUS! Oh, I am a worm…full of doubt & pain…but I am smiling my little face off, because HE sees me, & has salve & honey for my broken places! HALLELUJAH!

  21. The Book Of Noah, I wonder if any of you have read it. Very interesting.
    Bless You All ~

  22. What if its enclosed cosmology, more like what the bible describes, rather than infinite outer space?

  23. One of my favorite movies is Phantom of The Paradise where the female heroine of the movie is named Phoenix about a man who sells his soul for rock and roll.

  24. I save many of your videos on my list of channels that I love. Sometimes I share them to my Facebook and to other people and platforms. Thank you dear Jacob for your dedication oh servant ov God. My dear Son introduced your channel to me a few years ago. Please pray for him and for me, as he died recently on April 8th, 2022. He was only 49. I take comfort in watching your channel, as your words and faith in Jesus Christ lift me up in my heart and in my spirit. God's blessings to you Jacob. Amen 🙏

  25. I had a dream that stands out to me. It was when the initial eclipse happened. I was running around town and so many folks had those folding chairs watching the skies. I had to get to the high school, not intimate to me, and I was trying to tell folks what was coming. Folks were aware and preparing themselves for the presentation. As the whatever was approaching, folks on the bleachers were watching for it's approach and I was trying to suggest, "I know what is coming!" Did no good as it shouldn't. How could I stop what was coming yet it was obvious it was coming? I was thinking what I knew was going on would help others but did it as though I had knowledge ABOVE them. What good would it be to parrot, "see! I was correct!" What good is it to be correct when the participation is in the correction? I found the dream to suggest a lot that will truly only mean something in me and I need to consider my mind falsely assuming arbiter of truth. Thank you, Jacob. Much appreciated.

  26. If you believe the world is round! Nibiru could be going through a portal described by Enoch wormwood in the Bible!