Massive achievement! SpaceX Starship Raptor V2 NUMBER 100 (!!!) delivered to Starbase! | WAI NC

6 Raptors delivered to the SpaceX Starbase, Texas. Among them Raptor number 100! & B7.1 underwent another Cryo Test!

#elonmusk #starship #spacex

A series of uncommented videos directly from the lens of our photographer Chief at SpaceX’s Starbase, TX. Only the latest pictures from the Starship construction site!

Production: Felix Schlang
Editing: Jonathan Heuer
Photography: Kevin Randolph

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WAI No Comment Episode 109


  1. Looking at that collection of engines, its obvious that SpaceX is sending back anything that shows any kind of damage from that explosion. Most of the engines headed back have really very little damage, for instance just looking like they have a little staining on the bells. Considering what is going to happen to them here in a month or so seems to make very little difference LOL

  2. Just want to say great job mommy bad mommy back when they 1st started building all the close up shots don't get to see that no more that's the part I miss Keep doing what you're doing Almost forgot " you rock "

  3. In EDA Raptor vid, I'm sure there was a "leak test" station in one of the tents, perhaps that is all that is needed ? Also still want Raptor fork lift guy to do a hair shake

  4. At about 5:10 you will notice a red capped raptor and a yellow capped raptor. The red cap, as used throughout the motor industry, represents the raptor 2 developed for racing. It is a faster raptor.

  5. Man it’s amazing how spacex can get so much done. Keeping the crazy falcon launch sequence while pushing ahead so fast with starship

  6. Raptor 2 engined at the 100 mark means:
    1. Given 33 engines for Booster, 3 boosters worth of engines.
    2. Given 33 for Booster & six for starship (39) there are enough for B7/S24 & B8/S25 combinations with 22 available as a "float" for damaged/failed quality engines.
    3. By a little after mid-August, there will be enough R2 & RVAC for a 42 engine B6/S26 combination.🥰🥰🥰

  7. Very cool! Cant wait to see raptor version 100 (ironic)😂 but congratulations spacex and wai for docomenting that

  8. Definitely 💯. Actually 112 & 123 😅.. Love to see Raptors delivered but hate to see ones heading out to be checked for damage.